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Hindu music is, in its various forms, the expression of a very extensive tradition which, although divided in part by the breakdown of the colonial system, remains the music of a subcontinent made up of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka.. Despite linguistic or religious differences, the same type of music can be found across political borders.

If its knowledge in the West progresses both in its learned form (the ragas) and in lighter genres (especially film music), a little-known part remains: the immense field of folk music, each region with its own style and instruments, or even castes dedicated to musical practice, especially the Indian states such as Bengal, Kashmir, Kerala or Rajasthan.

While instrumental or vocal music is often linked to dance in India, it is hardly linked to theatre, unlike other Asian music in the Buddhist area.

Sponsorship is highly developed in India, allowing access to music at all levels of society. Similarly, traditional teaching in the form of a privileged relationship between teacher and disciple remains free. Although music is part of upper caste education, it remains popular due to its association with Bollywood cinema, which is peppered with dance music videos broadcast by the music industry.

Hindi music song charts

Spotify Playlists

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(LIST) Relaxing Indian music

(TOP-10) Typical, traditional, folk Indian music

Other playlists to enjoy Indian songs are the following:

Youtube videos

You can enjoy hours of Indian music on Youtube. Here is a compilation of the best songs.

(VIDEO MIX) Relaxing instrumental music (flute)

(MIX VIDEO) Chillout yoga music

(TOP-7) Mix videos (>40 min.)

Compilation videos of relaxation music typical of the country, with a minimum duration of 40 minutes.

(TOP-10) Indian Artists

The songs of the most popular Indian artists on YouTube.

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