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The Republic of Estonia is a European country in the Baltic Region (together with Latvia and Lithuania), whose capital is Tallinn. It has a population of 1.3 million inhabitants (151º) and an area of ​​45,227 km 2 (129º). Its human development index is very high (30º) and its official currency is the euro. But what language is spoken in Estonia?

What language do they speak in Estonia?

Estonia has one official language, Estonian.

The most learned foreign languages ​​are Russian (56%), English (50%), Finnish (21%), German (15%). Despite occupying the first position, the popularity of Russian decreases while English is on the way to being the most learned language in the country, especially among the young population.

The most common immigrant languages ​​are Ukrainian (8,010 speakers), Finnish (2,620), Belarusian (1,660), Latvian (1,000), and Lithuanian (900).

Estonian language

Estonian (eesti keel) is spoken by about 80% of the population. It is a relatively close Uralic language to Finnish. It is one of the few languages ​​in Europe that is not Indo-European. However, it bears certain similarities to the Germanic languages, since it borrows a third of its vocabulary (mostly from Middle Low German and High Germanic languages).

The Russian language

Russian (русский язык) is spoken by 85% of the population, although only a third of these are native speakers. It is mostly used by the population over 35 years of age, since Russian was the second language taught in schools on a compulsory basis during the Soviet period.

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