Corral del Carbón, the only Alhondiga Andalusí that is preserved

You cannot leave Granada without having visited the Corral del Carbón, the only Andalusian alhondiga that is preserved in Spain.

It was built in the 14th century during the Nasrid period and in its beginnings it served as a warehouse for merchandise and a residence for the merchants who came to the city.

With the conquest of Granada by the Catholic Monarchs, it acquired other uses, such as a comedy corral. It is currently the headquarters of the Andalusian Legacy and the Tourism Office of the Junta de Andalucía.

What to see in the Corral del Carbón

Granada - Corral del CarbonThe first thing we see when visiting the Corral del Carbón is the entrance hall that is behind a large horseshoe arch and leads to an interior patio surrounded by various galleries and rooms.

In the center of the patio we find a square stone basin with various spouts.

What stands out above all is the great monumentality of its entrance door, very ornamental and that makes you think of an interior very rich in decoration, with the sobriety and simplicity of its interior, which seems to have nothing to do with the door.

It should also be noted that its interior has been extensively remodeled to be able to house the offices that exist today. Although it no longer has the initial use for which it was built, today it takes on great prominence, especially in summer, with musical performances and theatrical performances, recovering one of the uses it has had throughout its history.

Most of these performances are flamenco, being one of the best places to enjoy it in Granada.

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