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    New Zealand language

    New Zealand is a country belonging to Oceania, whose capital is Wellington. It has 5 million inhabitants (120º) and an extension of 268,021 km 2 (75º). Its official currency is the New Zealand dollar and its human development index is very high (16th). And what language is spoken in New Zealand? What language do they speak in New Zealand? New Zealand has two official languages: Maori, which is spoken by 3.7% of New Zealanders. New Zealand Sign Language, used by 0.5% of its inhabitants. English , which is spoken by 96.1% of the population, is official de facto, as it…

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  • History of New Zealand

    Brief history of New Zealand summarized A brief and enjoyable tour of one of the largest islands on the planet, New Zealand. The Maori The Maori arrived in New Zealand in the 10th century AD. They named the new land Aotearoa, which means Land of the Long White Cloud. The Maori brought dogs and rats. They also brought yams and kumaras or sweet potatoes and pumpkins. The Maori also ate fern roots. There was also an abundance of shellfish in New Zealand. The Maori hunted dolphins, whales, and seals and ate fish and shellfish. They also hunted large, flightless birds…

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  • New Zealand traditions and customs

    What traditions and customs are there in New Zealand? Overview of New Zealand customs and traditions. Gastronomy Food in daily life Before 1975, the diet was based on meat, potatoes, seasonal temperate vegetables (cabbage, peas, beans, carrots, spinach, cauliflower, and broccoli), bread, seasonal fruits, dairy products, and fish. Chicken was a restaurant treat, and favorite fast food was meatloaf. Drinks were tea and beer. Since 1975, the kitchen has opened up to include a range of tropical and sub-tropical fruits, vegetables and spices. It has taken advantage of its Mediterranean climate to produce wine. Foods are readily available in supermarkets.…

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