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    Cambodia language

    The Kingdom of Cambodia is a country in Southeast Asia, whose capital is Phnom Penh. It has a population of more than 16 million inhabitants (70º), and an extension of 181,035 km 2 (88º). Its human development index is medium (146º) and its official currency is the Cambodian riel. But what language is spoken in Cambodia? What language do they speak in Cambodia? Cambodia has one official language, Cambodian (also known as Khmer). As for foreign languages, French had always dominated this section until 1993, when the use of English began to grow, replacing French as the main foreign language.…

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  • History of Cambodia

    Brief history of Cambodia A brief review of the summarized history of Cambodia, a country in Southeast Asia. Ancient Cambodia Cambodia has a rich and fascinating history. The earliest humans in Cambodia were Stone Age hunters and gatherers. However, agriculture was introduced to Cambodia around 2,300 BC. Early Cambodian farmers used stone tools, but from 1500 BC Cambodians used tools and weapons made of bronze. By 500 BC they had already learned to use iron. The first civilization in the area arose around 150 AD in the Mekong River Delta in South Vietnam. This civilization was known by the Chinese…

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  • Cambodian traditions and customs

    What traditions and customs are there in Cambodia? We will get to know the customs and traditions of Cambodia, in Southeast Asia. Gastronomy Food in daily life The staple foods are rice and fish. Traditionally, a home-cooked meal is served on a mat on the floor or with diners sitting together on a raised bamboo platform. Meals are eaten in shifts according to status, with the adult men and guests eating first and the food preparers afterwards. Breakfast typically consists of rice porridge or rice noodles. Lunch and dinner can be a combination of a broth seasoned with fish or…

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