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    Panama language

    The Republic of Panama is a country that belongs to Central America, whose capital is Panama. It has a population of 4 million, being the 130th most populous in the world, and an area of ​​75,417 km 2 (116th). Its human development index is high (60º) and its official currency is the Panamanian balboa. But what language is spoken in Panama? What language do they speak in Panama? Panama has an official language since the 1972 constitution, Spanish, spoken by 93% of the population, is also the national language. From its discovery until the middle of the 18th century, the…

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  • History of Panama

    Brief history of Panama summarized A brief tour of the summarized history of Panama, a country in Central America. Panama in its beginnings The first human beings lived in Panama around the year 11,000 BC. By 2500 BC they had learned to make pottery, and later people from the region traded with others as far north as Mexico and as far south as Peru. The first European to land in Panama was a Spaniard named Rodrigo Galván de Bastidas in 1501. The first Spanish settlement in Panama was in 1510. On September 25, 1513, Vasco Núñez de Balboa became the…

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  • Traditions and customs of Panama

    What traditions and customs are there in Panama? From the isthmus to the web, the customs and traditions of Panama are described here. Gastronomy Food in daily life Unlike other Spanish colonies, Panama’s subsistence agriculture never relied on corn. Game and fish have always been sources of protein, and maize is consumed mainly in the form of thick cakes called arepas and maize porridge. The Kuna roast plantains and boil them in a soupy dish consisting of water squeezed through grated coconut meat, fish and poultry, or game meat. This dish is similar to the sancocho eaten by many non-indigenous…

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