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The Republic of Panama is a country that belongs to Central America, whose capital is Panama. It has a population of 4 million, being the 130th most populous in the world, and an area of ​​75,417 km 2 (116th). Its human development index is high (60º) and its official currency is the Panamanian balboa. But what language is spoken in Panama?

What language do they speak in Panama?

Panama has an official language since the 1972 constitution, Spanish, spoken by 93% of the population, is also the national language.

From its discovery until the middle of the 18th century, the only language of the inhabitants had been erased by Spanish, brought by the Spanish settlers. The slaves transported from Africa learned Spanish and began to endow it with some dialect terms.

In addition to this, since 2010 the following indigenous languages ​​have also been recognized as official languages: Bri Bri, Bugleré, Emberá, Kuna, Naso Tjerdi, Ngäbere and Wounaan. The previously recognized languages ​​are protected and disclosed by the Panamanian country. The most widely spoken are Ngäbere (128,000), Kuna (57,000) and Emberá (10,000).

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