Cape Verde

  • Cape Verde language

    The Republic of Cape Verde is an island country in West Africa, whose capital is Praia. It has a population of 550,000 inhabitants (167th) and an area of ​​4,033 km 2 (166th). Its human development index is medium (125º) and its official currency is the Cape Verdean escudo. But what language is spoken in Cape Verde? What language do they speak in Cape Verde? The official language of Cape Verde is Portuguese. However, it is not the most popular language of the islands, since the most widely spoken language in Cape Verde is Cape Verdean Creole, recognized as the national…

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  • Traditions and customs of Cape Verde

    What traditions and customs are there in Cape Verde? A look at the customs and traditions of Cape Verde, a former colony of Portugal. Food and economy Food in daily life Corn is the staple food of Cape Verde. The national dish, cachupa, is a stew of corn, beans, and whatever meat or vegetable is available. Other common foods include rice, beans, fish, potatoes, and cassava. A traditional breakfast is couscous, a steamed cornbread, eaten with honey and milk or coffee. Cape Verdeans usually eat a large mid-afternoon lunch and a small late dinner. Grog, or sugarcane liquor, is made…

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