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The Republic of Cape Verde is an island country in West Africa, whose capital is Praia. It has a population of 550,000 inhabitants (167th) and an area of ​​4,033 km 2 (166th). Its human development index is medium (125º) and its official currency is the Cape Verdean escudo. But what language is spoken in Cape Verde?

What language do they speak in Cape Verde?

The official language of Cape Verde is Portuguese.

However, it is not the most popular language of the islands, since the most widely spoken language in Cape Verde is Cape Verdean Creole, recognized as the national language of Cape Verde.

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Cape Verde hardly has linguistic variety, since before the arrival of the Portuguese to the islands, they were not inhabited. In addition, the island does not have a large flow of immigration. Despite this, English is gaining some notoriety in Cape Verde, mainly thanks to the workers who come from abroad, and also because of the hotel services that attract tourism to the country. In schools, English began to be incorporated into their educational system.

The Portuguese language

Portuguese (português) is the heritage language of the Portuguese colonial era in Cape Verde, from the 15th century to the end of the 20th century, who occupied the island to bring slaves and work on the local plantations. It is spoken by 74.2% of the population, although only 3.2% of those speakers speak it as their first language. Portuguese is not used in informal conversations, but it is used in all formal settings, such as by government, legislation, or the media.

The Cape Verdean Creole language

Cape Verdean Creole (Kriolu) is a Creole language based on Portuguese and is additionally the most widely spoken Portuguese-based Creole language in the world. The natives call this language Kriolu, Kriol, or Kabuverdianu. It is used colloquially in the country and is the mother tongue of practically the entire population of Cape Verde. The language has been gaining prestige since it gained independence from Portugal in 1975. Each island has its own version of the language. These 9 variants are divided into two standards: the Northern and the Southern.

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