The best parks in Madrid to relax and enjoy

Madrid would not be understood without its great monuments and its squares and streets, but neither would it be understood without its fantastic parks that contribute to making Madrid one of the cities with the most trees in the world. During your visit to Madrid you will find different green spaces in which to rest and relax.

Some of these parks are located in very central areas next to the main points of interest to visit in Madrid. Others are in more remote areas, but we recommend going to them because they are a real wonder.

In Madrid you have countless parks but here we make a list of the most important and interesting. Surely you would add many more, because Madrid is a city of parks.

Madrid - Capricho Park

The best parks to see in Madrid

Retirement park

The first of these parks that we must highlight had to be the Retiro Park, without a doubt the best known and most popular in the capital. It is located in the very center of the city and you can reach it after visiting some of the best monuments and museums in Madrid.

The Retiro Park is also part of the so-called Landscape of Light, which has recently been named a World Heritage Site along with the Paseo del Prado thanks to the monuments that we can find in the park made up of palaces, fountains and sculptures.


Also located a few steps from the most touristic places in Madrid we find the Casa de Campo, a huge park with a great history behind it where we can find ancient trees.

Thousands of people from Madrid come to the Casa de Campo every weekend to play sports, spend the day with the family, enjoy its lake and the surrounding restaurants or simply stroll through the so-called Lung of Madrid.

Madrid Rio

One of the youngest parks in the city is Madrid Río, located in the Arganzuela district, south of the central area of ​​the city. It is a linear park along the Manzanares River where we can find different species of trees as well as a wide variety of fauna, especially waterfowl and fish that you will see along the river.

In addition, you have several leisure areas, both for adults and children, such as giant slides and a beach with artificial jets that works in summer. There are also different cafes and restaurants.

Caprice Park

Parque del Capricho is a historic park located on the outskirts of the city, considered by many to be the most beautiful park in Madrid. It is a park created by order of the Duchess of Osuna who took care of it until her death. Years later, the park became municipal ownership and today it can be enjoyed by all Madrid residents.

Inside the Parque del Capricho we find numerous constructions, from palaces to pavilions as well as a lake and numerous statues and fountains. Without a doubt, a great place to spend the day, although you can only enjoy it on weekends.

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