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Barbados is an island country of the Caribbean Islands, in America, whose capital is Bridgetown. It has a population of almost 300,000 inhabitants (181º) and an area of ​​439 km 2 (183º). Its human development index is very high (58th) and its official currency is the Barbadian dollar. And what language is spoken in Barbados?

What language do they speak in Barbados?

Barbados has one official language, English.

However, another language also exists in Barbados: Bajan Creole. The slaves brought to the island learned English and, after the abolition of slavery in the 19th century, they began to practice their native languages ​​and began to mix them with English, giving rise to this Bajan Creole.

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In education, the most learned foreign languages ​​are Spanish and French. Barbadians are increasingly multilingual, especially workers in hotels, restaurants, and attractions.

The English language

English (English ) is the language spoken by practically the entire population. It is used in communications, administration and all public services in Barbados. The Barbadian variety is known as Barbadian English, and is similar to British English, due to its heritage from British colonial times. One of the peculiarities is that the th sound becomes d. (the is pronounced like de). The final th sound becomes f (north becomes norf).

Bajan creole language

Bajan Creole is spoken by the majority of the population on a daily basis, especially in informal contexts. It is a creole language based on English with combinations of different West African languages. For an English speaker, their level of understanding of Creole will depend on the level of creolized idioms and vocabulary. A Bajan Creole speaker may be completely unintelligible to an English speaker from another country.

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