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The People’s Republic of Bangladesh is a country belonging to the Asian continent, whose capital is Dhaka. It has a population of 162 million (8th) and an area of ​​147,570 km 2 (92nd). Its human development index is medium (136th) and its official currency is the Bangladeshi taka. But what language is spoken in Bangladesh?

What language do they speak in Bangladesh?

The only official language in Bangladesh is Bengali, which is spoken by almost the entire population.

English has no official status, but is widely used by the government, the judicial system, in business, in the media, and in education, with what could be considered a de facto co -official language. In society it is also used as a second language by the middle and upper classes, and is widely used in higher education. In total, 18% of the population speaks English.

The most widely spoken immigrant languages ​​are Oriya (32,500), Eastern Punjabi (23,700), and Gujarati (250).

Map of the languages ​​of Bangladesh

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Among the most widely spoken indigenous languages ​​are Chittagonian (13 million), Rangpuri (10 million), and Sylheti (8.5 million).

Other minority languages ​​are Rohingya (947,000), Bihari (250,000), Santhali (225,000), Rakhine (200,000), Sadri (166,000), Chakma (150,000), Marma (150,000), Garo (120,000), Tippera (85,000), Kurux (50,000), Bishnupriya (40,000), Mru (30,000).

The Bengali language

Bengali or Bangla (বাংলা) is spoken by 98% of the population of Bangladesh. Since 1987, Bengali has been the default language for government correspondence, with the exception of foreign correspondence. Also from that same year, and despite the fact that the laws had been written in English, the laws were translated into Bengali, as well as the constitution.

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