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The Republic of Albania is a country belonging to the Balkans, in Europe, whose capital is Tirana. It has a population of 3 million inhabitants (126º) and an extension of 28,748 km 2 (140º). Its human development index is high (68th) and its official currency is the Albanian lek. But what language do they speak in Albania?

What language do they speak in Albania?

Albania has only one official language, Albanian. This is spoken by almost the entire population (98.7%).

As minority languages, 2 stand out: Greek (spoken by 0.5% of the population) and Macedonian (0.2%).Other minority languages ​​are Aromanian, Serbian, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Gorani and Romani.

As foreign languages, the most popular language is Italian. This has its origin when the country was a protectorate of Italy, since Italian was an official language of the country in that period. Most of these speakers did not learn in schools or with books, but thanks to television. On the contrary, English is taught in schools. It is the second most popular language, and the most learned by young people.

Albanian language

Albanian (gjuha shqipë) is spoken by almost 3 million people in Albania. The two predominant varieties are Tosk and Gheg. The former dominates the southern region, while the latter dominates the northern area, as can be seen in the following map.

map of albania and the dialects of albanians

The division of these two dialects lies in the Shkumbin River, forming a natural barrier for both sides.

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