San Sebastian

A walk with the best things to see in the old part of San Sebastián

The north of Spain offers a large number of tourist destinations, perfect for organizing a small getaway for a few days and enjoying culture, history, and the most exquisite cuisine in unique urban locations of great beauty and rich heritage, totally recommended to visit..

A good example of this is the city of San Sebastián, a Basque city famous for its beauty, and for being one of the favorite urban corners to explore on foot, especially its Old Town, completely pedestrianized, and which is one of the best preserved, and that without a doubt is worth knowing.

Here we are going to take a tour of the Old Town of San Sebastián so that you can enjoy as if you were there.

Tour the Old Town of San Sebastián

San Sebastian - Constitution SquareLocated between the Urumea River and the port, the old town of San Sebastián offers visitors a large number of attractions, not only for fans of history and culture, but also for those who want to try some of the best pintxos in the city. city, of great fame and variety.

Currently, the old part that can be visited now dates from the 19th century, but the original old part of Donostia -of which only part of the old wall is preserved- grew at the time around the religious buildings of the Church of San Vicente, the Basilica of Santa María del Coro, and the convent of San Telmo.

In this way, getting lost in the streets of the old quarter of San Sebastian means approaching some of the most iconic buildings in this city in the Basque Country. Places that have as their starting point the Plaza de la Constitución, used at the time as a bullring, and which today is the nerve center of the northern city.

From there it is possible to go to the 16th century Church of San Vicente and in Gothic style, one of the first obligatory stops; one of the oldest buildings that has survived the fire that devastated the city during the war of independence against the Napoleonic troops, and that today offers one of the best preserved stained glass windows and Romanesque altarpieces in the country.

San Sebastian - Cathedral of the Good ShepherdAnother recommended stop in the capital of Gipuzkoa is the impressive Cathedral of the Good Shepherd, current seat of the diocese of the city that will surprise you with its beauty, main entrance and its great height. Similarly, the Baroque-style Basilica of Santa María del Coro, mixed with neoclassical touches, Gothic, Churrigueresque and neoclassical elements, is another unavoidable visit.

Museum enthusiasts have the San Telmo museum in Plaza Zuloaga, at the beginning of Mount Urgull, and which is a must-see for all visitors as it is next to the old convent of the same name.

An architectural complex that is perfectly integrated into one, and that stands out for its great beauty, and for the great history that it treasures, since it is possible to enjoy exhibitions and an outstanding art collection, as well as a more than notorious ethnographic selection of the city and the Basque Country.

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