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A walk through the best things to see in Bermeo in one day

Bermeo is one of the most important towns on the Basque coast, a city founded in 1236 and very important in Basque history as it became the main city of the Lordship of Vizcaya and was its capital until 1602. It is also one of the most important in Spain.

The town of Bermeo has countless tourist attractions, both in its streets and in its surroundings, where there are some exceptional natural wonders and one of the jewels of the Basque Country that we will talk about later.

Here is a walk with the best things to see in Bermeo in one day if you decide to visit this beautiful town on the Biscayan coast that overlooks the Cantabrian Sea.

What to see in Bermeo in one day

San Juan de Gaztelugatxe

Our one-day visit to Bermeo begins 12 kilometers from the town center. And it is undoubtedly the main point of interest in Bermeo and one of the most visited places in the Basque Country, especially since it became one of the filming locations for Game of Thrones.

It is a hermitage located on top of a rock that is accessed by crossing a bridge and climbing no less than 241 steps so that, once you get to it, enjoy its natural environment thanks to the already immense surrounding beaches. cliffs.

To visit this impressive hermitage, you must make a free advance reservation since, since it became famous for Game of Thrones, it has received many visitors. We have known it from before and we were one of the privileged ones who have been there alone.

The Old Port of Bermeo

After enjoying the wonderful previous visit, we finally traveled to the town of Bermeo to start visiting the beautiful town. The Old Port is a great place to start this visit.

In a fishing village you cannot miss a walk through its port, walking to the old breakwater and enjoying the colors of the facades of its houses, so characteristic of this type of place. Without a doubt, one of the best things to see in Bermeo in one day.

In the Port of Bermeo we must admire the Tres Cantos Fountain, the oldest in Bermeo, as well as different sculptures such as El Regreso, which represents a sailor with his son by the hand and an oar on his shoulder, or the sculpture that represents a castaway before a young man and his dog.

The Ercilla Tower and the Fisherman’s Museum

After the pleasant walk through the Port of Bermeo, it is best to go to the Old Town and enjoy its narrow streets and houses. To do this we will climb some steep stairs and arrive at another of the main points of interest to see in Bermeo in one day, the Ercilla Tower.

In this 15th-century tower is the Fisherman’s Museum, where you can learn about the fishing tradition of the town and its relationship with the sea, as well as the history of the tower itself, one of the 30 of the same type that came to be in Bermeo.

Next to the Ercilla Tower there is a very interesting viewpoint, the Mirador de Baztarre, from where you have the best views of the Port of Bermeo and the sea. Do not miss the Monument to the Fishermen either, another of the sculptures that you come across on your tour of Bermeo.

The Plaza de Sabino Arana and the Church of Santa María

If we continue strolling through Bermeo we will arrive at another of its main points of interest, the Plaza de Sabino Arana, the nerve center of the town where you will always find a great atmosphere and lots of life.

In the Plaza de Sabino Arana, the music kiosk stands out in its central part, very typical of this type of square, as well as the Town Hall and its clock. But the most remarkable thing about the Plaza de Sabino Arana is the Church of Santa María de la Asunción, in neoclassical style and the main religious temple of the town.

Do not miss its cover, which will remind you of a Greek temple, and its two towers, especially the one on the right with its beautiful bell tower.

Other places to visit in Bermeo

The historic town of Bermeo also has many other points of interest that you should visit. One of them is the Lamera Park, the green lung where you can walk and rest after the fantastic walk you have been through the town.

At one end of Parque Lamera is one of the most beautiful buildings to visit in Bermeo, the Casino, from 1894, although it collapsed in 1983 due to flooding, so it had to be rebuilt. In it we find an exhibition hall and a restaurant.

At the other end of the park we can find the Church of Santa Eufemia, the oldest in the town, from the 13th century and in the Gothic style.

A few meters from there is the Convent of San Francisco and its church, from the 14th century and one of the oldest in the Basque Country. The best thing about the convent, and an essential visit, is the Gothic cloister, one of the most beautiful in the Basque Country.

You can find more information on the official Bermeo tourism page.

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