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5 tips to travel to the United States (and feel safe when doing it)

The United States is an exceptional destination on the other side of the Atlantic that must be visited at least once. Its size, its variety of states, the incredible leisure offer of its large cities and the diversity of its landscapes make it a golden destination for many. If you want to meet him and you are worried about what might happen, these 5 tips will help you do it with guarantees. In addition, you will know the best insurance to travel to the United States and explore its corners with peace of mind.

Relevant information before COVID-19: consider the White House ban

In this context of the global COVID-19 pandemic, the first thing you should keep in mind when traveling to the United States is the opening policy in force today. The government of Joe Biden, since January 25, 2021, maintains the prohibition of entry into the country for foreigners arriving from various countries, including Spain.

The measure was established to prevent the spread of the virus in the United States and only Spaniards who can prove they have been outside of Spain (or any other country on the list) in the 14 days prior to entering the United States will be able to clear customs. If this is not your case, wait for further news before planning your trip to the United States.

Although, in this sense, even Spaniards who can prove that they have spent their 14 days prior to the trip outside of Spain or another country on the list should be careful. Our recommendation? Wait for news about the position of the United States regarding the European Digital COVID Certificate and, if you venture to prepare your trip, hire the best insurance to travel to the United States. Only then will you have a refund guarantee if your trip is finally cancelled.

Avoid misunderstandings at customs: get the ESTA

New York - Statue of LibertyIn any case, if you finally choose to travel because you are among the exceptions or plan your trip in the future, you must remember that traveling to the United States is not like spending a weekend in Portugal or France. The EU has a mobility of people and goods that does not apply to non-EU countries. That is, if you do not want to have problems at customs and lose money on planes for nothing, get all the necessary papers to enter the United States before the trip.

What will you need? Essentially a valid passport (as for any other trip to non-EU countries) and the electronic form for travel authorization or ESTA. The latter is valid for 90 days and authorizes Spaniards to travel to the United States without the need for a visa if it is for tourism or business in a period of less than three months.

However, there are other requirements. People with dual nationality or Spanish who travel from the countries included in the list of exceptions will not be able to travel only with the ESTA. The website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the US Embassy in Spain have the necessary information to apply for visas in case of non-compliance with the ESTA requirements.

Illustration 2. New York, one of the most popular destinations in the USA

Take out travel insurance to the United States with extensive coverage

Of all the tips for traveling to the United States that you can read, the most important is to have the best insurance to travel to the United States. Sites like Viaja Siempre Seguro offer many comparisons so that you can choose the best insurance without worries. In addition, in Viaja Siempre Seguro you will find detailed travel guides on different destinations that will help you make plans, decide which places to visit in each country and know how to always travel safely.

In the case of the United States, the readings and recommendations regarding travel insurance are essential, since it is an extremely liberal country where any health incident is usually expensive. Even more so in times of COVID, as you can guess given the aforementioned prohibitions.

Medical assistance, coverage against the coronavirus and minimum protection against theft or loss are three fundamental aspects that your insurance must include. Review the conditions carefully and value IATI Seguros, a company with a long history with which you can benefit from a 5% discount for being a reader of Viaja Siempre Seguro.

Have a return flight and funds to prove your solvency

Illustration 3. Golden Gate Bridge, one of the most iconic images of the United States

In some foreign countries, they only allow entry to those tourists who prove they have sufficient funds for their maintenance in the country for the duration of the trip. Brazil and the United States are two of them. So remember: keep enough funds to prove your solvency at customs. No one wants to spend their vacation in a room on the border!

Also, it is not enough to have a one-way flight. It is mandatory to book the return trip with your airline in advance. There are many cases of people who, having traveled to the country on more than one occasion and trusting themselves, neglected this matter and were deported for not having a return flight. Best advice: buy with a company that allows you to change dates or buy an open ticket.

Plan a route and issue the international driving license

What do you plan to do in the United States? What do you want to visit? How are you going to get around the country? Remember that the United States is the fourth largest country on the planet and its customs are quite strict when it comes to tourists and migrants. For this reason, it is crucial that you plan a previous route map and apply for the international driving permit.

That will mean that the federal agents will not hinder you at the border and that you will be able to move more freely by road. If you register your trip in detail in the Travelers Registry of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, you can use that same sheet to justify the route you intend to take to the border agents. The clearer it is, the fewer questions they will ask you.

On the other hand, it is highly recommended that you issue the international driving license at the Electronic Headquarters of the DGT. Valid for one year, and always accompanied by your current Spanish card, it will allow you to rent and drive any car in the United States without problems.

Of course, in relation to driving, make sure that the best insurance to travel to the United States includes coverage for all types of accidents. Because traveling always safe is the most sensible way to take advantage of the magic of each country!

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