The 10 tallest skyscrapers in Madrid

Today we are going to talk about the 10 tallest buildings that we can find in Madrid, ordered from highest to lowest.

In Madrid there are 14 buildings that exceed 100 meters in Madrid, a figure only surpassed by Benidorm, and among them 4 that exceed 200 and which represents the highest in Spain.

How many of them would you like to go up and see Madrid from above?

List of the 10 tallest buildings in Madrid

Madrid Box Tower

  • Bankia Tower. Previously called Torre Repsol and Torre Caja Madrid, it is 250 meters high and was inaugurated in 2009 on the land previously occupied by the Real Madrid Sports City. Its main architect was Norman Foster and its main use is for offices. Its name changes were due first to the fact that Repsol was going to be its owner but finally decided to use another building and later due to the change of name from Caja Madrid to Bankia.
  • Crystal Tower. It is one meter shorter than the Bankia Tower, 249 meters exactly, but it was the tallest building in Spain for almost 2 years while the other tower was being completed. Both towers are located in the old Ciudad Deportiva. It could be said that it is the most beautiful of the 4 buildings in the complex, it is shaped like a diamond and stands out for the bluish color of its windows.
  • PWC Tower. Neighboring the two previous ones, it was previously called Torre Sacyr Vallehermoso because it was the construction company in charge of building it. It is 236 meters high and was inaugurated in 2008. On the first 31 floors of the building is the luxurious 5-star Eurostars Madrid Tower hotel, with a panoramic restaurant that offers great views. The rest of the building is occupied by the offices of PricewaterhouseCoopers, whose initials give the building its name.
  • Space Tower. The fourth and last tower that forms the Cuatro Torres Business Area complex together with the previous three. It consists of230 metersand was completed in 2007. It has a curious shape that begins with a rectangular plan that becomes a curve that represents the cosine function as you go up. It was the tallest in Spain for a short period of time.

crystal towerPwC TowerSpace Tower

  • Picasso Tower. Former dominator of the Madrid skyline is located in the AZCA complex located on Paseo de la Castellana and takes its name from the square in which it is located. It is 157 meters high and was inaugurated in 1988, being the tallest building in Spain for 14 years and in Madrid for 19. Its architect was the same one who designed the old World Trade Center in New York. Currently its owner is Amancio Ortega, owner of Inditex and third richest person in the world.
  • Madrid Tower. It is one of the two skyscrapers that are located in the Plaza de España. At142 meterswas the tallest in Spain for 28 years, since it was built in 1960, replacing its companion in the ranking, and is currently the sixth tallest in the capital. It is intended for both homes and offices with several famous people among its tenants. From its upper terrace you have magnificent views of the Casa de Campo and the Gran Vía area.
  • Europe Tower. This 121 meter high skyscraper is located in the AZCA complex next to the Torre Picasso. Its 30 floors are used for offices of different companies, although the ground floor of the building becomes an important leisure center on weekends thanks to several pubs and nightclubs. Its façade is reminiscent of the disappeared Twin Towers in New York. Also noteworthy is the huge clock on top.

Picasso TowerMadrid TowerEurope Tower

  • Spain building. Neighbor of the Tower of Madrid, it is 117 meters high. It is a building with a symmetrical facade on three levels and was built in 1953. An exceptional witness to the development of Madrid in the second half of the 20th century, it housed a hotel on several of its floors, as well as offices, homes and premises. commercial. Today, unfortunately, it is abandoned and has no tenant.
  • Columbus Towers. Although it looks like a single building, they are actually two identical 116-meter skyscrapers that were built in 1976. For a time, it was the headquarters of Rumasa, which is why it was called Torre de Jerez, the city where the company originated. It stands out for its curious construction method, unusual, in which the beams and the upper platform were first placed to start building downwards.
  • Gate of Europe. The skyscrapers that close the list are perhaps one of the symbols of modern Madrid, the so-called Torres Kio, famous for being inclined. They were inaugurated in 1996, they are 114 meters high and they stand out for being inclined, one in front of the other. They are exactly the same except for the company logos on top and for something that cannot be seen from below: the helipads on the terrace are painted in different colors, one blue and one red.

Spain BuildingColumbus Towersgate of europe

The most observant will have missed on this list one of the best-known buildings in Madrid in the world, which we have seen more times on television and which is taller than several of these skyscrapers. This is Torrespaña, which is 232 meters high, making it the 4th highest in Madrid. But it is not included in the list as it is not considered a building proper but rather a ” self-supporting structure “.

Two 120-meter-high buildings are currently being built in Madrid and when they are completed they will enter this list.

Which one is the most you like?

Photo source: wikipedia

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