• Welsh history

    Brief history of Wales abridged A brief review of the history of Wales, in summary form. Wales in ancient times During the last ice age, people hunted reindeer and mammoth in what is now Wales. When the ice age ended around 10,000 BC, new animals appeared in Wales, such as red deer and wild boar. Stone age hunters hunted them both. They also gathered plants for food. In 4,000 BC farming was introduced to Wales, although people still used stone tools. Around 2,000 BC they learned to use bronze. Then about 600 BC the Celts migrated to Wales, bringing with…

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  • Welsh traditions and customs

    What traditions and customs are there in Wales? In the United Kingdom, the customs and traditions of Wales. Gastronomy Food in daily life The importance of agriculture to the Welsh economy, as well as the availability of local produce, has created high dietary standards and a national diet based on fresh, natural foods. In coastal areas, fishing and shellfish are important both for the economy and for the local gastronomy. The type of food available in Wales is similar to that found in the rest of the UK and includes a variety of foods from other cultures and nations. Food…

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  • Photo of History of Cardiff

    History of Cardiff

    Brief history of Cardiff summarized A brief overview of the history of Cardiff, the capital of Wales. Cardiff Roman Fort Cardiff began as a Roman fortress. The Romans invaded Wales around 50 AD and around 55 AD they built a fort on the site of Cardiff. In the late 1st century the fort was reduced in size, as Wales was at peace. However, in the mid-3rd century the fort was rebuilt and strengthened to defend South Wales against invading Irishmen. However, in the fourth century Roman civilization declined. At the end of the century the Romans abandoned Cardiff Fort. Cardiff…

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