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    Swiss languages

    The Swiss Conference is a European country that does NOT belong to the European Union or the European Economic Area, since it has always remained neutral and isolationist. However, it does belong to the Schengen Treaty. Its capital often leads to confusion, since it is not Zurich as many people think, but Bern. It has 8.5 million inhabitants (98th position) and an area of ​​41,277 km 2 (135th). Its official currency is the Swiss franc. The Swiss Human Development Index is the second highest in the world, behind only Norway. In addition, it is the fourth richest country in the…

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  • History of Switzerland

    Brief history of Switzerland in brief A brief tour of the history of Switzerland, the Swiss country, neutral for centuries. Old Switzerland Around 500 BC a Celtic people called the Helveti entered Switzerland from the west. However, in 58 BC the Romans dominated the area and built a capital at Aventicum (Avenches). In the following centuries, Switzerland became completely Romanized. The Romans built roads and other cities. However, in 260 a tribe called the Germans attacked the region. Switzerland never really recovered from the raid and around 400 AD the Roman army withdrew altogether. In the 5th century AD peoples…

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  • Swiss traditions and customs

    What traditions and customs are there in Switzerland? We describe the customs and traditions of Switzerland. Food in daily life Regional and local culinary specialties are generally based on a traditional type of cuisine, rich in calories and fat, more adapted to outdoor activity than to a sedentary lifestyle. Dairy products such as butter, cream and cheese are important parts of the diet, along with pork. The most recent eating habits show a growing concern for healthy foods and a growing taste for exotic foods. Clothing Respect for privacy and discretion are key values ​​in social interaction. In public spaces…

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  • History of Zürich

    Brief history of Zurich summarized A review of the brief history of Zurich, the capital of Switzerland. The Romans and the Schwyzerdütsch (100 BC – 10th century) Although Zurich’s history began before the Romans, it seems that they were the ones who gave the city its name. Around 15 BC they established a military base on the site of present-day Lindenhof called Turicum, and since its inhabitants were not as fluent in Latin, it gradually became the slightly more callous ‘Zurich’. A copy of the Roman tomb stone mentioning Turicum is found at Lindenhof. Roman rule ended around 400 AD…

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