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    Scotland language

    Scotland is one of the four nations that make up the United Kingdom. They belong to Europe, and their capital is Edinburgh. It has a population of 5.5 million inhabitants and an area of ​​77,933 km 2. Its human development index is very high and its official currency is the pound sterling. And what language is spoken in Scotland? What language do they speak in Scotland? Scotland officially recognizes three languages: English , spoken by 99% of the population. Scots , which is spoken by 30% of its inhabitants. Scottish Gaelic, which is spoken by 1.1% of citizens. The main…

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  • History of Scotland

    Brief history of Scotland summarized A brief and pleasant review of the history of Scotland summarized. Ancient Scotland During the ice age, Scotland was uninhabited. However, when the ice melted the forests that spread across Scotland and stone age hunters moved there. In 6,000 BC, small groups of people lived in Scotland hunting animals such as red deer and seals and gathering plants for food. Then around 4,500 BC farming was introduced to Scotland. Early farmers continued to use stone tools and weapons and this period is called the Neolithic (new stone age). Neolithic people used stone or fire axes…

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  • Scottish traditions and customs

    What traditions and customs are there in Scotland? A brief overview of the customs and traditions of Scotland, a British country. Food and economy Food in daily life The diet includes prepared foods and a greater variety of fruits and vegetables. Meals such as minced meat and tats (ground meat and boiled or mashed potatoes) and homemade curries are common, along with takeout options. The Scots are heavy consumers of sugar, chocolate, salt and butter, but have recently started eating less meat and more fish, wholemeal bread and vegetables. Food customs on ceremonial occasions Whiskey often serves as a symbolic…

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  • History of Edinburgh

    Brief history of Edinburgh in brief A brief review of the history of Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland. Edinburgh in the Middle Ages Edinburgh started out as a fort. Castle Rock is an easily defensible position, so from the earliest times it was the site of a fort. In the 7th century the English captured this part of Scotland and called this place the Burgh of Eiden (burgh is an Old English word meaning strong). In the 10th century the Scots reconquered the area. In the late 11th century, King Malcolm III built a castle on Castle Rock and a…

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    History of Glasgow

    A Brief History of Glasgow Abridged A Brief Tour of the History of Glasgow, City of Scotland. Glasgow in the Middle Ages Glasgow was probably founded in the 6th century when St Mungo built a church on the spot called Glas Gu. (It means green place). A fishing settlement in the green place eventually grew into a small town. Glasgow received a bishop in 1115, indicating that it was quite an important settlement at the time. Glasgow church was replaced by a cathedral in 1136. The cathedral burned down in 1172 but was rebuilt. Then, in the years 1175-78 (the…

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