• Photo of Latvian language

    Latvian language

    The Republic of Latvia is a country in Europe that belongs to the Baltic Region (together with Lithuania and Estonia), and whose capital is Riga. It has a population of 2 million inhabitants (148º) and an area of ​​64,589 km 2 (122º). Its human development index is very high (41st) and its official currency is the euro. And what language is spoken in Latvia? What language do they speak in Latvia? Latvia has one official language, Latvian. All other languages ​​(with the exception of Livonian) are considered foreign languages ​​in legal terms, despite the fact that Russian is the mother…

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  • Photo of History of Latvia

    History of Latvia

    Brief history of Latvia summarized A brushstroke of the history of Latvia, to get to know the Baltic country a little better. Former latvia The first settlers in Latvia were stone age hunters and gatherers who arrived there after the last ice age, around 9000 BC However, the ancestors of today’s Latvians were Baltic tribes who migrated to the area around the year 2,000 BC In the 12th century AD some of the last pagans in Europe lived in Latvia. The Pope decided to convert them to Christianity by force. In 1201 he dispatched German crusaders commanded by the Bishop…

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  • Traditions and customs of Latvia

    What traditions and customs are there in Latvia? A look at the customs and traditions of Latvia, a Baltic country. Gastronomy Food in daily life The staples of the diet are rye, wheat, and potatoes. Dairy products are valued for their purity and healthful qualities. Milk, butter, sour cream, and cottage cheese were traditionally much appreciated additions to the diet. Pork meat is the most consumed. Smoked fish is particularly popular in Rīga and in coastal areas. A wide variety of bread is available in markets and shops. During the Soviet period, the main meal of the day was eaten…

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