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    Denmark language

    The Kingdom of Denmark is a country belonging to Northern Europe, whose capital is Copenhagen. It has a population of 6 million inhabitants (112º) and an extension of 42,933 km 2 (130º). Its human development index is very high (11th) and its official currency is the Danish crown. But what language is spoken in Denmark? What language do they speak in Denmark? Denmark has only one official language, Danish. Likewise, Denmark recognizes three languages: Faroese, which is spoken by 21,000 inhabitants, is co-official in the Faroe Islands. Greenlandic, spoken by as few as 7,000 people, is the sole official language…

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    History of Denmark

    Brief history of Denmark summarized A simple summary of what is the history of Denmark through the centuries. Old Denmark The first humans in Denmark arrived around 10,000 BC, after the end of the last Ice Age. The first Danes were Stone Age hunters and fishermen. Around 4,000 BC agriculture was introduced to Denmark. Early Danish farmers used stone tools and weapons. Around 1,800 BC bronze was introduced to Denmark. Danish craftsmen soon became adept at making bronze wares. Around 500 BC, iron was introduced into Denmark. Iron Age Danes had contact with the Romans. They sold slaves, furs, hides…

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  • Traditions and customs of Denmark

    What customs and traditions are there in Denmark? A look from above at the traditions and customs of Denmark, a Nordic country. Gastronomy Food in daily life Danes eat most of their meals at home and in private places, although there are also public places to eat, from small hotdog stands to upscale restaurants. A breakfast of coffee, bread or cereal is eaten at home. The Sunday breakfast commonly includes fresh bread from the bakery, boiled eggs, juice, tea or coffee, and the Sunday newspaper. Lunch at a workplace, school, or institution is homemade or available in kitchens or dining…

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  • History of Copenhagen

    Brief history of Copenhagen summarized A brief look at the history of Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark. The birth of Copenhagen There is evidence that Copenhagen existed as a settlement more than 6,000 years ago, but its first written record dates to 1043 BC. Copenhagen, in those days called “Havn”, meaning the port, had little strategic or political importance. Most of the inhabitants of “Havn” earned their daily bread by fishing for the abundant herring in the Øresund. In the following two centuries, fishing and trade turned the small fishing village into a flourishing town. And in 1343 King Valdemar…

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