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    Belgium languages

    The Kingdom of Belgium is a country belonging to Europe, a member of the European Union, whose capital is Brussels. It is in 77th place in terms of population (11.4 million inhabitants), 135th in area (30,528 km 2). Its human development index is very high (ranked 22nd) and its official currency is the Euro. It is a member of the Benelux economic union (BE lgium, NE derlands and LUX emburgo). But what language is spoken in Belgium? What language do they speak in Belgium? The official languages ​​of Belgium are the following three: Flemish (59% = 6.7 million) , a…

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  • History of Belgium

    Brief history of Belgium summarized A brief and pleasant walk through the history of Belgium, a country without its own language, adopting Flemish and French. Ancient Belgium The Romans conquered Belgium in 57 BC and it became part of the Roman Empire as Gallia Belgica. However, in the 5th century AD, Roman rule collapsed and the Franks conquered Belgium. Its first capital was at Tournai. In the 9th century the Franks ruled most of Western Europe. However, his empire was also broken. Then, in the 11th century, Flanders (roughly modern Belgium) emerged as a powerful semi-independent kingdom. It also became…

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  • Traditions and customs of Belgium

    What traditions and customs are there in Belgium? A look at the customs and traditions of Belgium, a country at the political epicenter of Europe. Food and economy Food in daily life Bread and potatoes are the traditional staple foods. Most meals include pork, chicken, or beef, and seafood is popular in the northern part of the country. The national drink is beer, but wine is imported in large quantities. In northern cities, popular dishes include mussels with fries and waterzooi, a vegetable and meat or fish broth. Throughout the country, French fries are eaten with steaks or raw ground…

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  • History of Brussels

    Brief history of Brussels summarized A brief review of the summarized history of Brussels, the capital of Belgium. The beginnings of Brussels Brussels was a place of settlement since prehistory, but became a notable settlement after Saint Gery built a chapel on the banks of the River Senne in 695, now called Place Saint Gery. The city of Brussels was officially founded in 979 by Charles, Duke of Lower Lotharingia, who established the first charter of the city of Brussels. Since then, Brussels has seen many rulers, renaissances and revolutions. Middle Ages (979 – 1500) After the beginning of his…

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