• Photo of Thailand language

    Thailand language

    The Kingdom of Thailand is a country belonging to Asia, whose capital is Bangkok. It has a population of 69 million inhabitants (20th) and an area of ​​513,120 km 2 (50th). Its human development index is high (83rd) and its official currency is the Thai baht. But what language is spoken in Thailand? What language do they speak in Thailand? Thailand has one official language, Thai. Also, the Royal Government of Thailand recognizes 62 minority languages ​​since 2011. These languages ​​are divided into 5 language families: Tai-Kadai, Austroasiatic, Sino-Tibetian, Austronesian and Hmong-Mien. The most widely spoken languages ​​(including official and…

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  • Photo of Typical food of thailand

    Typical food of thailand

    Geographic setting and environment Comprising an area of ​​514,000 square kilometers (198,456 square miles) in Southeast Asia, Thailand (formerly known as Siam) extends almost two-thirds down the Malay Peninsula. Comparatively, the area occupied by Thailand is just over twice the size of the state of Wyoming. Thailand can be divided into five large physical regions: the central valley, facing the Gulf of Thailand; the northern and northwestern continental highlands, which contain Thailand’s highest point, Doi Inthanon (2,565 meters); the northeast, much of it often called the Khorat Plateau; the small coastal region in the southeast facing the Gulf of Thailand;…

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  • History of Thailand

    Brief history of Thailand summarized Here we have a brief tour of the history of Thailand, an Asian country. Ancient Thailand The first inhabitants of what is now Thailand were hunter-gatherers. However, around 4,000 BC they began to farm. They grew rice. At first farmers used stone tools, but bronze was discovered around 3,000 BC. As early as 500 BC the people of what is now Thailand used iron. At first, what is now Thailand was divided into small states called Meuang. By 100 AD they were already practicing Theravada Buddhism. However, the ancestors of modern Thai people are believed…

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  • Traditions and customs of Thailand

    What traditions and customs are there in Thailand? One of the most touristic countries in the world, customs and traditions of Thailand. Gastronomy Food in daily life Rice is the staple food in every meal for most people. All food is brought to the table at once instead of being served on plates. A meal will include rice, sauce dishes, side dishes, soup, and a salad. While polished white rice is consumed in central and southern Thailand, in the north and northeast people eat glutinous or sticky rice. Fish and shellfish are popular. Curry is consumed throughout the country, but…

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