• Photo of Syria language

    Syria language

    The Syrian Arab Republic is a country in the Middle East, belonging to Asia, whose capital is Damascus. It has a population of 17 million people, which places it 54th in the world ranking. Regarding its extension, its position is 87th, with 185,180 km 2. Its human development index is low (ranked 149th) and its official currency is the Syrian pound. It is currently in a civil war. And what language is spoken in Syria? What language do they speak in Syria? Syria has only one official language, Arabic. Various dialects of this language are used throughout the country, with…

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  • Traditions and customs of Syria

    What traditions and customs are there in Syria? How the customs and traditions of Syria have developed in history. Gastronomy Food in daily life Wheat is the main crop and one of the staple foods. Vegetables, fruits and dairy products are also consumed. Lamb is popular, but most people cannot afford to eat meat on a regular basis. Islam forbids the consumption of pork, and other meats must be specially prepared in a method called halal cooking. In middle-class and wealthier households, meals are like those eaten in other Middle Eastern countries: roasted or grilled chicken or lamb with sides…

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