Sri Lanka

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    Sri Lankan language

    The Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka is a country in Southeast Asia, whose capital is Sri Jayawardenapura Kotte (although the largest city is Colombo). It has a population of about 22 million inhabitants (57º) and an area of ​​65,610 km 2 (120º). Its human development index is high (76th) and its official currency is the Sri Lanka Rupee. And what language is spoken in Sri Lanka? What language do they speak in Sri Lanka? Sri Lanka has two official languages: Sinhala, spoken by 75.4% of its inhabitants. Tamil, spoken by 16.2% of the population. Likewise, the Sri Lankan constitution…

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    Sri Lankan history

    Brief history of Sri Lanka summarized An overview of the Asian island country of Sri Lanka, in a brief and condensed form. Sri Lanka in ancient times Around 500 BC when a people called the Sinhalese migrated from India. According to legend, the first settlers were led by a man named Vijaya. According to tradition, Buddhism was introduced to Sri Lanka in 260 BC by a man named Mahinda. It soon became an integral part of Sinhalese culture. However, at first Sri Lanka was divided into different states. A man named Dutthagamani (161-137 BC) united them into one kingdom. Apart…

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