• History of Bhutan

    Brief History of Bhutan Summarized A brief review of the history of Bhutan, an Asian country. Bhutan’s early years In 1500 BC people lived in Bhutan herding animals. In the 7th century AD Buddhism was introduced to Bhutan. In the 8th century, an Indian named Padmasambhava did much to further the spread of Buddhism in Bhutan. Since then, Buddhism has been an integral part of the culture of Bhutan. However, for centuries the people of Bhutan were disunited. Then, in 1616, Ngawang Namgyal became the spiritual leader of Bhutan. He took the title of Zhabdrung Rinpoche. Under his command, Bhutan…

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  • Traditions and customs of Bhutan

    What traditions and customs are there in Bhutan? An overview of the customs and traditions of Bhutan, in Asia. Food in daily life Due to the ethnic diversity of the people, there is some ethnic diversity in food. North Indian cuisine is often mixed with chili peppers from the Tibetan area in everyday dishes. Mushrooms, apricots, asparagus, a variety of chili peppers and numerous spices abound in almost all the valleys. The spices, fruits, and vegetables are cooked with beef, chicken, pork, and dried yak, and resemble Chinese and Indian cuisine. Typical food also includes rice, dried beef or pork,…

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