Trinidad and Tobago

  • Photo of Trinidad and Tobago language

    Trinidad and Tobago language

    The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago is one of the countries that forms the Caribbean Islands in America, whose capital is Port of Spain. It has a population of about 1.4 million inhabitants (151º) and an area of ​​5,131 km 2 (165º). Its human development index is high (69th) and its official currency is the Trinidadian dollar. But what language is spoken in Trinidad and Tobago? What language do they speak in Trinidad and Tobago? Trinidad and Tobago has one official language, English. But despite this, English is not the most widely used language. Each island has its own dominant…

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  • History of Trinidad and Tobago

    Brief history of Trinidad and Tobago summarized An overview of the brief history of Trinidad and Tobago, in an entertaining and summarized way. Trinidad and Tobago Early Around 5,000 stone age hunter-gatherers came to Trinidad and Tobago by canoe. Then, around 300 BC, a more advanced people arrived. They grew crops such as cassava and sweet potatoes. They also made pottery and wove cotton. However, in 1498 Columbus discovered the island. He called it Trinidad and Tobago because he saw three peaks. The first Spanish settlers arrived in 1592 and built a settlement on the site of San José. In…

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