• Traditions and customs of Paraguay

    What traditions and customs are there in Paraguay? The Guarani land shows us a great variety of customs and traditions of Paraguay. Gastronomy Food in daily life Corn, cassava (cassava), and beef form the staple diet. Typical dishes include locro (a corn stew), Paraguayan soup (a rich cornmeal and cheese bread), chipa guazú (a cross between Paraguayan soup and a corn soufflé), and mbaipy so’ó (corn pudding). with pieces of meat). Cassava root is commonly served boiled, and its starch is a main ingredient in several traditional foods, including chipa (a dense, baked bread of cassava starch and cheese) and…

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  • Photo of Paraguayan language

    Paraguayan language

    The Republic of Paraguay is a country belonging to South America, whose capital is Asunción. With 7 million inhabitants, it is the 104th most populous country in the world, and the 59th largest (406,752 km 2). Its human development index is medium (110º) and its official currency is the Paraguayan Guarani. And what language is spoken in Paraguay? What language do they speak in Paraguay? Paraguay has two official languages: Guarani, spoken by 90% of Paraguayans. Spanish , which is spoken by 87% of the population. Most Paraguayans are bilingual, especially in urban areas; on the other hand, in rural…

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  • Paraguayan history

    Brief history of Paraguay summarized A brief brushstroke to the history of Paraguay summarized. Paraguay in its beginnings Before the Spanish arrived in Paraguay, it was inhabited by people called the Guarani. They were farmers. The Spanish arrived in the region in the 16th century and Paraguay’s capital, Asunción, was founded in 1537. Paraguay became independent from Spain in 1811 and José Gaspar Rodríguez Francis became the dictator. He was the first of a long list of dictators in Paraguay and ruled until his death in 1840. He was followed by Carlos Antonio López, who ruled Paraguay until 1862. At…

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