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    Ecuador language

    The Republic of Ecuador is a country belonging to South America, whose capital is Quito. It has a population of more than 16 million inhabitants (65º) and an extension of 283,561 km 2 (73º). Its human development index is high (86th) and its official currency is the US dollar. But what language is spoken in Ecuador? What language do they speak in Ecuador? The only official language of Ecuador is Spanish. Likewise, other ancestral languages ​​are of official use for the corresponding indigenous peoples. The most widely spoken indigenous language is Quechua, with 1,161,800 speakers (in all its variants). Other…

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  • History of Ecuador

    Brief history of Ecuador summarized A brief tour of the summarized history of Ecuador, a South American country. The beginnings of Ecuador The natives of Ecuador grew corn, beans, potatoes, and squashes. They kept dogs and guinea pigs for meat. Many of them were potters and metallurgists skilled in gold, silver and copper. However, at the end of the XV century they were conquered by the Incas. The Spanish first sighted the coast of Ecuador in 1526 and were soon reconquered. The Spanish conquered what is now Ecuador in 1534. The Spanish had already conquered the Incas in what is…

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  • Traditions and customs of Ecuador

    What traditions and customs are there in Ecuador? General look at the customs and traditions of Ecuador. Gastronomy Food in daily life The most basic and ubiquitous prepared meal is soup, with many variations depending on region and ingredients. Fish soups from the coast and coconut, potato-based soups from the Sierra and dishes based on Amazonian pepper are accompanied with chicken broth, avocado cream and cow’s foot and tripe soup. The slightly fermented chicha made from cassava by the indigenous people of the Amazon can be considered as a soup in its daily consumption, not ceremonial. Other common non-fermented food…

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  • History of Quito

    Brief history of Quito summarized In this article we deal with the history of Quito, in a brief and summarized way. Pre-Columbian Quito Quito occupies a temperate and fertile plateau (2,800 meters above sea level) in the Andes Mountains. It has a good climate and has been occupied by people for a long time. The first settlers were the Quitu: they were finally subjugated by the Caras culture. Sometime in the 15th century, the city and region were conquered by the mighty Inca Empire, based in Cuzco to the south. Quito prospered under the Inca and soon became the second…

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