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    Colombian language

    The Republic of Colombia is a country in South America, whose capital is Bogotá. It has a population of 50 million inhabitants (29th) and an area of ​​1,141,748 km 2 (25th). Its human development index is high (90º) and its official currency is the Colombian peso. And what language is spoken in Colombia? What language do they speak in Colombia? Colombia has an official language, Spanish. In addition, English is co -official in the Archipelago of San Andrés, Providencia and Santa Catalina. Likewise, the constitution designates as co-official the indigenous languages ​​in their respective territories. Education in these territories is…

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  • Colombian history

    Brief history of Colombia summarized A brief look at the brief history of Colombia, the coffee country. Colombia in the beginning For thousands of years before the arrival of Europeans, Amerindians lived in what is now Colombia. Some lived by fishing and hunting, but others by farming. The first Spaniard to land in the area was Alonso de Ojeda in 1500. However, there was no permanent Spanish settlement until 1533, when Cartagena and Santa Marta were founded. Bogotá was founded in 1538. In 1564 Colombia was appointed captain general. The colony prospered and many African slaves were brought there. However,…

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  • Traditions and customs of Colombia

    What traditions and customs are there in Colombia? Large number of customs and traditions of Colombia, detailed here. Food in daily life Most middle-class families eat elaborate meals that reflect Spanish and indigenous traditions. A typical meal is identified by its size and not its content, such as a light breakfast, a substantial lunch at noon, and a lighter meal at the beginning of the evening. Dinner consists of fresh fruit, homemade soup and a main course with meat or fish accompanied by rice and/or potatoes. Low-income people eat a diet richer in carbohydrates. Meals usually end with a very…

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  • History of Bogota

    Brief history of Bogotá summarized We enter the brief history of Bogotá, as a summary. Pre-columbian Era Before the arrival of the Spanish in the region, the Muisca people lived on the plateau where present-day Bogotá is located. The Muisca capital was a prosperous town called Muequetá. From there, the King, known as the zipa, ruled the Muisca civilization in an uneasy alliance with the zaque, ruler of a nearby city on the site of present-day Tunja. The zaque was nominally subservient to the zipa, but in fact the two rulers often clashed. Upon the arrival of the Spaniards in…

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  • History of Medellin

    Brief history of Medellín summarized From Colombia, let’s know the brief history of Medellin, as a summary. Spanish discovery The Aburrá Valley was discovered by the Spanish explorer Jerónimo Luis Tejelo in 1541, but the settlement of Medellín was founded later, on March 2, 1616, by the Spanish conquistador Don Francisco Herrera Campuzano under the name of San Lorenzo de Aburrá. Early development began in the southern part of the city, now known as El Poblado. In 1675 the name was changed to Villa de Nuestra Señora de la Candelaria de Medellín. It was not until 1813 that the town…

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