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    Belize language

    Belize is a country, belonging to Central America, whose capital is Belmopan. It has a population of 400,000 inhabitants (177th) and an area of ​​22,966 km 2 (147th). Its human development index is high (106th) and its official currency is the Belizean dollar. But what language is spoken in Belize? What language do they speak in Belize? Belize has one official language, English (spoken by 240,000 people). However, the country has several recognized minority languages, which are: Belizean Creole: 130,000 speakers. Spanish: 187,000 speakers. Q’eqchí: 17,600 speakers. Mopán: 10,600 speakers. Yucatec: 2,520 speakers. Mennonite Low German: 9,360 speakers. Garifuna: 8,440…

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  • History of Belize

    Brief history of Belize summarized A brief review of the history of Belize, in a summarized way. Belize in its early days The Mayans created a great civilization in what is now Belize. The ancestors of the Mayans were hunters, but around 2,000 BC they adopted agriculture as a way of life. In the years 300 BC to 250 AD, organized Mayan kingdoms arose. Then, from 250 to 600 AD, an advanced civilization emerged. The Mayans invented writing and made great advances in astronomy and mathematics. The Mayan civilization was at its height between 600 and 900 AD However, after…

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  • Traditions and customs of Belize

    What traditions and customs are there in Belize? Let’s know what customs and traditions of Belize are the ones that stand out. Food and economy Food in daily life Imported bleached wheat flour, corn, beans, rice, and poultry are daily staples. There are hardly any food taboos, but there are beliefs in all ethnic groups that certain foods, particularly soups and drinks, help restore health. Food customs on ceremonial occasions Apart from the specific preferences for some foods in large religious ceremonies, especially among the Garifuna, the foods that are eaten in the ceremonies are basically those that are eaten…

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