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    Bahamian language

    The Commonwealth of the Bahamas is a country belonging to the Caribbean Islands, in America, whose capital and most populous city is Nassau. It has a population of 400,000 inhabitants (177º) and an extension of 13,878 km 2 (155º). Its human development index is very high (54th) and its official currency is the Bahamian dollar. But what language do they speak in the Bahamas? What language do they speak in the Bahamas? The Bahamas has one official language, English. In addition, there is another language of great importance in the Bahamas islands, Bahamian Creole, which is considered the de facto…

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  • Bahamian traditions and customs

    What traditions and customs are there in the Bahamas? We will know the customs and traditions of the Bahamas islands. Gastronomy Food in daily life The typical meals of urban residents consist of fruits and vegetables, meat or fish, bread and rice. Outside the island, islanders tend to eat more fresh fruits, vegetables, and fish. The two national dishes are conch, a sea snail, rice, and snap peas. The poor eat these foods because they are cheap and readily available; the wealthiest enjoy them as “heritage foods.” Food customs on ceremonial occasions Holiday meals tend to focus on local fish…

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