• Senegalese history

    Brief history of Senegal summarized A brief tour of the history of Senegal. Ancient Senegal The first humans in Senegal were hunters, but by 3,000 BC they had learned to farm. Around 500 BC the knowledge of how to make iron tools reached West Africa. Around AD 500, a sophisticated society capable of building stone circles arose in Senegal. Towns and trade flourished. By the 13th century, the Mali Empire included much of West Africa, including Senegal. However, Mali’s power waned in the 15th century, and Senegal was divided into small kingdoms. Meanwhile, Europeans were exploring the West African coast.…

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  • Traditions and customs of Senegal

    What traditions and customs are there in Senegal? From Africa, the customs and traditions of Senegal. Gastronomy Food in daily life The basic food is cooked rice with spicy sauce and vegetables. The national dish is chep-bu-jen, the Wolof word for rice with fish. Cooked in tomato sauce with boiled fish and some vegetables (carrots, cabbage and green peppers), chep-bu-jen originates from the city of Saint-Louis. Yassa, a Casamance dish is chicken or fish marinated in lemon juice, pepper and onion and then baked. It is accompanied by natural white rice. Other sauces include mafé, domada, and soup kandja (which…

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