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    Cameroon language

    The Republic of Cameroon is a country that belongs to Africa, whose capital is Yaoundé (the most populous city is Douala). It has a population of more than 24 million inhabitants (56th) and an area of ​​475,442 km 2 (53rd). Its human development index is medium (151º) and its official currency is the CFA Franc of Central Africa. And what language is spoken in Cameroon? What language do they speak in Cameroon? Cameroon has two official languages: French , spoken by 40% of the population. English , which is spoken by 31.3% of its inhabitants. The Cameroonian government encourages bilingualism,…

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  • Traditions and customs of Cameroon

    What customs and traditions are there in Cameroon? A brief review of the traditions and customs that exist in this country, Cameroon. Feeding Food in daily life Sharing cooked food is one of the main ways to cement social relationships and express the high value placed on human company. Sharing food and drink demonstrates hospitality and trust. Social support networks among relatives and friends, particularly among peasants and urban relatives, are symbolically held together by gifts of cooked and uncooked food. Sacks of beans, corn or peanuts “from home” can be seen on the roofs of taxis traveling between the…

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