What to see in Toronto in one day, the capital of Ontario. To do

There is a lot to see in Toronto. The city is located next to Lake Ontario in the Canadian region of the same name. It is a good starting point for visiting the Niagara region or other nearby areas of Canada.

With a history of just over 250 years, today it is one of the most important financial cities in the world. Although its main attraction is the CN Tower, it also has many other places to visit that we are going to tell you about here and that will help you if you are going to visit Toronto.

The main thing to see in Toronto in one day

The CN Tower, Toronto’s main landmark

What to see in TorontoThe CN Tower is a symbol of Toronto and a true architectural wonder. It is more than 550 meters high so it is visible from great distances.

The CN Tower has several viewpoints and climbing them is a must if you visit Toronto.

Its highest viewpoint is 447 meters high, but it cannot be visited at any time of the year for security reasons, since at that height the weather is very important.

However, you will be able to go up to the Lookout, the first of the viewpoints that the elevator will take you to in about a minute. Going up in the elevator is an adventure, but seeing the horizon from the viewpoint is an unforgettable experience.

And for the more daring you also have the Glass Floor, an area where the floor is made of glass and where it is impossible not to feel dizzy.

What to see in the Financial District and Yonge Street

What to visit in Toronto - Financial DistrictOnce you have climbed the CN Tower you can start walking and sightseeing in Toronto, the city center and also the financial district.

Under the tower is the Rogers Center, a very famous baseball stadium among fans of this sport.

Nearby is the Air Canada Centre, where the Toronto Raptors NBA team plays.

The main street in this area of ​​Toronto is Yonge Street where you will find many shops and restaurants.

It is the most bustling area of ​​the city and the main leisure center and there is also the largest shopping center in the city, the Eaton Center, where in addition to making the purchases you want you can eat in one of its many restaurants.

A little further north is Dundas Square, the most important square in the city and with the most atmosphere. Reminiscent of Times Square, this plaza is often very busy and hosts movies and concerts.

Visit the rest of Downtown Toronto

Toronto - Dundas SquareOur walk can continue along one of these streets, famous for their shops and theaters, such as Queen Street or King Street.

In both streets you will always find a lot of atmosphere. You can also admire the Old City Hall, the old town hall opened in 1899.

Its style contrasts with the skyscrapers that surround it and with the more modern architecture of the current town hall that is next to it.

At the end of Queen Street you will come to Chinatown where you will find numerous Chinese shops and restaurants. It is necessary to emphasize the numerous oriental population that there is in Toronto and that will surprise you. In Chinatown you can enjoy Kensington Market, a large multi-cultural market, and also Spadina Avenue.

The best thing is to get lost in the center of the city and enjoy its streets, its atmosphere and the multiculturalism of Toronto.

Toronto Museums and Galleries

Toronto - Art GalleryIf you like art, you’re in luck, because in Toronto you have several places to visit in this style. The main museum in Toronto is the Art Gallery of Ontario (called AGO), it is located in Chinatown and is one of the main art museums in America.

Another important museum is the Royal Ontario Museum, with interesting exhibits on the Far East and aboriginal peoples of Canada, as well as a curious dinosaur exhibit.

And if you are also a sports lover, and more specifically hockey, you have the Hockey Hall of Fame, in the Financial District, where tribute is paid to this sport.

What else to do in Toronto

Toronto - Casa LomaFurthest from downtown Toronto is Casa Loma, although it can be easily reached thanks to the efficient Toronto Subway.

It is a very interesting European-style castle that it is also possible to visit.

Another of the city’s almost obligatory visits is to go to the Toronto Islands, some islands located in front of the city and which also have a curious regional airport.

From these islands you will have the most spectacular views of the city’s skyline, including the CN Tower. The only way to get to them is by boat and there you will find all kinds of attractions. It is a very quiet place to walk.

And finally, we must also highlight Fort York, the place where the modern city was born. It was raised to defend Ontario from the United States in the War of 1812.

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