What to see in Rome in 3 days. Itinerary to enjoy the city

Visiting Rome in 3 days is possible, although it would be preferable to have many more to be able to enjoy every corner quietly and breathe its history, its atmosphere and discover all its monuments.

You have a lot to see in Rome and there is no time to lose, so write down everything important.

But if you only have 3 days, here we offer you a typical tour of the city so that you do not leave anything to see in Rome. Thanks to the proximity of Rome to Spain, this is usually a very common weekend trip.

What to see in Rome in 3 days

First day in Rome

What to see in Rome in 3 days- Piazza SpagnaWe can dedicate this first day to the squares and fountains of the city. If you want to visit them without missing anything, we recommend this Walk through the squares and fountains of Rome

After leaving your bags at the hotel, we recommend you take a walk through the center of Rome to discover its most unique squares, fountains and streets.

The walk can begin in the famous Piazza di Spagna to see its staircase and the atmosphere that is always in this square. Above is the Iglesia della Trinita dei Monti and just below the Fontana de la Barcaccia.

Rome - Trevi FountainFrom there we can walk along Via Condotti, one of the main shopping streets in Rome until we reach Via del Corso and from there to one of the most well-known monuments in Rome and in the world, the Trevi Fountain . Do not miss the opportunity to take all the photos you can and throw the typical coin.

What to visit in Rome in 3 days - Piazza NavonaThe path can continue, crossing the Vía del Corso again to the Pantheon, the building from the Roman Empire that is best preserved.

Be sure to enter this spectacular building. Nearby, we have another of the most famous squares in the city, Piazza Navona, a large space where we can admire its beautiful baroque fountains. In total, three.

And to end the day before going to rest to start a new day, we will go to Piazza de Venezia where the Monument to Victor Manuel II is located, which stands out for its white color, although many say it clashes with the environment.

Just behind this monument and going up some steep stairs we would arrive at Piazza del Campidoglio. After this tour you can stop for dinner at one of the famous restaurants in Rome.

What to see in Rome on the second day

what to do in Rome in 3 days - Roman ColosseumIf the day before we had dedicated it to the most monumental and baroque Rome, this day we must dedicate it to its most historic part, the one that the Roman Empire has left us.

The day must start at the Colosseum , one of the most famous monuments to visit in Rome. Entering it is a unique experience and suddenly takes you back in time 2,000 years.

Next to it are the Roman Forum and the Palatine, two places that are also a must. If you see that there is a long queue at the Colosseum, you can first visit the Roman Forum and take advantage of the fact that the entrance is the same.

Rome - Mouth of TruthThe next destination is the Mouth of Truth, which is located in the Church of Santa María de Cosmedin. Along the way you will pass the Teatro Marcello, another great imperial monument.

Don’t forget to take a picture of yourself putting your hand in the Mouth of Truth as tradition dictates.

Surely you already have little strength to continue walking, because all these visits are usually very tiring.

The best thing is to cross the river and relax in Trastevere and in one of its restaurants. We recommend a good pizza in one of them or if you want something faster one of the famous Italian ice creams.

If it’s early, you can also go first, yes, by bus to make it faster, to the Baths of Caracalla, leaving aside the Circo Massimo.

The third day in Rome

Rome - Sistine ChapelThe last day in Rome of the three of us can be dedicated to the Vatican City.

If this day falls on a Sunday, it is best to change it for another, since the Vatican Museums are closed on this day.

In this area, the best thing we recommend, and also avoid queues, is this guided tour of the Vatican.

The Vatican Museums will take you a long time so it is best to arrive early and you will have more time to enjoy all the works of art inside and especially the Sistine Chapel.

Rome - Saint Peter's SquareAfter visiting the museums, it’s time to go inside the Basilica of San Pedro. First we will admire it from the outside in the Plaza de San Pedro to later enter and continue with our mouths open because it is a temple that will not leave you indifferent.

It is the most important of Catholicism and inside we can see Michelangelo’s Pietà, the tombs of the Popes and we can even climb the dome and have a great view of Rome.

To finish off this area, the next point is the Castle of San’t Angelo, just at the end of Via della Conciliazione. It is a very interesting castle with very good views too. If you still have time, you can return to the center to enjoy your last hours in Rome.

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