What to see in Muxía and its surroundings. In the heart of the Costa da Morte

One of the most beautiful towns to visit on the Costa da Morte of Galicia is Muxía, one of those special places that you have to know on the Galician coast and where you can find all kinds of attractions from churches to lighthouses passing through fantastic beaches.

The town of Muxía is located about 90km from La Coruña and 70km from Santiago de Compostela, so making a visit is one of the best excursions that can be made from these cities.

In this article we are going to tell you what is the best thing to see in Muxía, one of the wonders of the Costa da Morte. To carry out this route, it is best to have a car since you will be moving through places that are very far from each other.

What to see in Muxía in 1 day and its surroundings

Nemiña Beach and Cape Touriñán

Our one-day visit to Muxía will begin at the beautiful Playa de Nemiña, located about 15 km from the town’s urban area. It is a fantastic sandbank of about 800 meters in length, with fine sand and from where you can enjoy wonderful sunsets, so it is also possible to do the route that we propose in reverse to finish here.

Nearby is Cape Touriñán, the westernmost point of peninsular Spain, one of the essential places to see in Muxía in one day.

In Cape Touriñán there is also a lighthouse that adds attractiveness to this place, less known than Cape Fisterra but with a lot of charm.

The Santuario da Virxe da Barca and the town of Muxía

Costa da Morte - Muxia - Virgin of the Boat SanctuaryFrom there we will travel to Muxía, located a few kilometers away to enjoy its town center and its charms. Above all the places to visit in Muxía, one stands out, the most famous. We are talking about the Santuario da Virxe da Barxa, which despite the fire it suffered in 2013 is a spectacular building.

The Santuario da Virxe da Barca is without a doubt the most important place to see in Muxía in one day. The sanctuary began in the 12th century as a small hermitage that gradually grew due to its popularity among pilgrims on the Camino de Santiago.

Legend has it that while the Apostle Santiago was praying in the same place where the sanctuary is today, the Virgin appeared to him in a stone boat. The remains of that boat are the stones that we can find in this place today, each one of them with a magical power, highlighting the Pedra dos Enamorados, the place where couples swear eternal love to each other.

Next to the Santuario da Virxe da Barca is also the Muxía Lighthouse. The visit to Muxía can be completed by taking a walk through its port where the Lonja is located, from which we must highlight the mural of the ninja woman, one of the different murals dedicated to the Galician super-grandmothers that we can find in the area.

The Paseo del Río Negro and San Martiño de Ozón

After visiting the town of Muxía, the best thing you can do is go to the Mirador del Monte Facho Laurido from where you have great views of the Atlantic Ocean and the part of the Costa da Morte around Muxía, including both Cape Touriñán and Cape Cape Vilan.

The next destination is Os Muiños, a village in the Council of Muxía where the Paseo del Río Negro begins, a very beautiful walk that we recommend you take.

The walk runs along the Negro River along a forest along a path that is made by wooden walkways along which you will discover old mills, some restored and that ends at the Area Maior Beach, where the river flows. Without a doubt, one of the best experiences to do in Muxía.

A short distance from Os Muiños is San Martiño de Ozón where we can visit a fantastic granary, one of the best to see in Galicia. Don’t miss its Romanesque church either, one of the many you can find in Muxía.

You can find more information on the official tourism page of the Concello de Muxía

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