What to see in Dublin in 2 days. a weekend visit

Dublin is a perfect city to visit on a weekend, being one of the best destinations we can go to on a quick visit. And although there is much to see in Dublin in two days, the truth is that the main monuments are very close, so you will not have to make long journeys.

The capital of Ireland hides great wonders in its streets, from imposing cathedrals to beautiful parks, passing through the great atmosphere that you find in some of the neighborhoods of Dublin.

Here we are going to tell you the best things to visit in Dublin in two days with an itinerary designed so that you do not miss anything.

What to see in Dublin in two days

First day in Dublin

Dublin - Trinity CollegeWe are going to start our first day in Dublin in what is possibly one of the great hallmarks of the city. So, we started strong. And we do it at Trinity College, one of the oldest universities in the world that you can discover while enjoying its buildings and gardens.

But what you should know about Trinity College above all is its old library, where you can find the Book of Kells, a manuscript from the year 800 that is considered the main piece of Celtic Christianity and in which you can read the 4 Gospels.

After visiting Trinity College we can start walking along one of the main streets of Dublin, such as Dame Street, leaving Parliament aside, until we reach City Hall and Dublin Castle, another of the essential places to see in Dublin. in two days.

Dublin - St. Patrick's CathedralAt the end of the street is one of the city’s cathedrals, Christ Church Cathedral, whose interior is worth admiring as well as the façade, as well as its crypt, and Dublinia, one of the city’s museums where you will discover the history of Dublin in its Viking Age and Middle Ages.

From there we will continue walking to the other great Dublin Cathedral, the most famous as well. We are talking about the Cathedral of Saint Patrick, dedicated to the patron saint of the city in the same place where he baptized the converts in the year 450. Next to it, a beautiful park, St. Patrick’s, where you can rest for a while.

The next destination, after walking through the streets of Dublin, is the largest park in the city. And one of the prettiest. We are talking about St. Stephen’s Green, the liveliest of all and Victorian style where the color green predominates over all others as it could not be otherwise in Ireland.

Now it’s time to go to one of the most commercial areas of Dublin. Next to the park we find the St. Stephen’s Shopping Centre, a very curious shopping center in its design with numerous shops and from Grafton Street begins, the most important shopping street to visit in Dublin in two days. In it you will find many shops and restaurants, street musicians and a great atmosphere.

Dublin - The Temple BarBut if you really want to experience the great atmosphere of pubs and music in Dublin, you should go to Temple Bar, the most famous neighborhood in the city and where we recommend ending the day. Before reaching it, don’t miss the Statue of Molly Malone, the girl who inspired a famous Irish song and is considered by many to be an anthem.

In the Temple Bar neighborhood you will find many pubs and restaurants. The most famous of all is The Temple Bar, which you can find on practically any postcard of Dublin, although it is not the only one and we recommend you walk the street admiring the buildings. The neighborhood is also an important cultural center with many art galleries and also many alternative shops and markets of all kinds.

What to visit in Dublin on the second day

The second day in Dublin we are going to start by touring the River Liffey and admiring all its bridges, some very old and others very modern, built very recently. But first we must visit the temple of beer, the Guinness Storehouse.

In the factory of this famous black beer you can discover the process of making it as well as its history, ending with a tasting that you should not miss if you are a beer lover.

From there we will go in the direction of the River Liffey to begin to cross it enjoying its bridges such as the Rory O’More Bridge or the Millennium Bridge, from 1999. Along the way we must also admire the buildings that we find such as Four Courts, headquarters of the High Court of Ireland.

The most beautiful of Dublin’s bridges is Ha’penny Bridge, a 19th-century pedestrian bridge that is the gateway to Temple Bar and is the one we will use to cross to the north bank of the River Liffey before reaching another of the main streets to visit in Dublin in two days.

We are talking about O’Connell Street, a wide, very commercial avenue in which we must highlight its emblematic buildings, such as the Central Post Office, and monuments such as the imposing The Spire or the Statue of O’Connell, the historic Irish hero national.

Perpendicular to O’Connell Street we find numerous shopping streets where you can do your shopping, standing out above all Mary Street, where we can end the day and our visit to Dublin.

You can find more information on the official Dublin tourism page.

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