What to see in Bilbao. The unmissable that you should not miss

Without a doubt, Bilbao is one of those cities that you have to visit and enjoy. In addition to everything you have to see in Bilbao, it is a city with a wide range of culture, great architecture and enviable gastronomy.

In just a few decades, the transformation that Bilbao has undergone to become the modern city it is today is what makes it so special and why you should visit it.

So that you don’t miss anything you have to visit in Bilbao, here we are going to tell you which are the main neighborhoods of the city that you should visit.

Routes through Bilbao for days

To make your visit to this city easier, depending on the days you have to visit Bilbao, we offer you a series of tours according to the duration of your trip, from a single day to get to know the most important things up to 3 days to see everything calmly.

And if you are traveling with the little ones in the house, do not miss our article with the best things to see in Bilbao with children.

The main neighborhoods to visit in Bilbao

The Old Town of Bilbao

Bilbao - Old TownThe Casco Viejo is the heart of the city of Bilbao, one of the most charming corners of Vizcaya and where you will find numerous points of interest that you cannot miss.

Its main monument is the Cathedral of Bilbao, although it is not the only religious temple that we can enjoy in this area since it is also necessary to highlight the Church of San Antón or the Basilica of Begoña, which is not in the Old Town itself but is right at one of its entrances.

But the most important thing about the Old Town is to walk through its alleys, specifically through the so-called Siete Calles, and through the squares that you will find, among which the Plaza de Miguel de Unamuno or the Plaza Nueva stand out.

Other points of interest that you can visit next to the Old Town are the Arriaga Theater or the Ribera Market.

The Enlargement of Bilbao

Bilbao - Foral PalaceOn the other side of the Ría del Nervión, crossing the Puente del Arenal, we arrive at the Ensanche de Bilbao, formed by the neighborhoods of Abando and Indautxu. It is a large urban project that began at the beginning of the 19th century.

The main street of the Ensanche de Bilbao is Gran Vía, Bilbao’s great commercial artery with important shops, banks and monumental buildings, such as the Palacio Foral, which takes you to the spectacular San Mamés Stadium.

Among the squares that you should visit is the Plaza de Moyúa or the Plaza Indautxu, as well as its long avenues through which you can walk enjoying the atmosphere of this area of ​​Bilbao.

Ribera del Nervión

Bilbao - Crane CarolaAt the beginning of the article we talked about the transformation that Bilbao has undergone in recent years. And as an example of this transformation we have the Ribera del Nervión, the great river artery of the city that went from being one of the most degraded areas of Bilbao due to its industrial activity and dirt to one of the main and most valued tourist areas of the city. city.

From the Town Hall, next to the Casco Viejo, to the Vizcaya Bridge, which is also a World Heritage Site, you have a walk along the estuary where you will discover wonders such as its bridges or one of the most visited museums in Spain., the Guggenheim Museum, a great architectural work symbol of the city.

You can find more information about what to visit in Bilbao on the official Bilbao tourism website.

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