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What to do in Zarautz in one day. Visit the largest beach in the Basque Country

Do you want to know what to see in Zarautz? And what does its beach have to be so famous?

But this town is not just a beach. Its Old Town and its gastronomy are also two incentives to visit Zarautz, something that attracts more and more tourists, becoming one of the main destinations in northern Spain.

Very close to Zarautz is Getaria, another beautiful town in northern Spain that you should visit. We also recommend following the coast and touring the Flysch Route.

The best things to see in Zarautz

1. Zarautz Beach, a paradise for surfers

Basque Country - ZarautzWithout a doubt, the most important point of interest is Zarautz Beach. It is a beach of fine sand that has the honor of being the longest in the Basque Country.

It is a beach that is visited by visitors from all over the Basque Country, but also from the rest of Spain, attracted by its atmosphere and the beauty of the Basque Coast.

In addition, it is a paradise for surfers thanks to its waves, famous throughout the world and that are maintained throughout the year.

A part of the beach is dedicated to the practice of this sport without causing any inconvenience for the rest of the bathers. By the way, one of the corners of the sandbank is dedicated to practitioners of nudism, in case you dare to enjoy the beach without clothes.

In addition, the beach is completed with a pleasant Paseo Marítimo, along which you can stroll and enjoy one of the best beaches in the Cantabrian Sea.

2. Walk through the Old Town of Zarautz

euskadi-zarautz-towerNot everything is going to be beach and sun in Zarautz, but we also have a Casco Viejo where you can walk, relax, shop and enjoy its bars or restaurants.

The Old Town of Zarautz is located in the west of the town.

The walk can begin in Kale Nagusia, the main street where there are very interesting buildings such as the Luzea Tower, built in the 15th century to defend the town, the Zarautz Market and the Church of Santa María la Real, from the 15th century. and of gothic style being the main church of the population. Next to it is the Torre de los Zarautz, which is used as a bell tower.

euskadi-zarautz-torre-luzeaThe Torre de los Zarautz is the oldest building in the town and in it we can visit the Museum of Art and History, one of the best things to see in Zarautz.

Very close, and located in front of the western end of the beach, is the Palacio de Narros. It dates from the 16th century and was used as the summer residence of Queen Elizabeth II.

Unfortunately today its interior cannot be visited as it belongs to a private individual.

Other places to visit in Zarautz are the Town Hall, a 16th century building, and the Franciscan Convent, whose church can be visited and is very interesting.

3. Mount Talaimendi

euskadi-zarautz-viewpointAt the eastern end of Zarautz Beach, passing the famous restaurant that Karlos Arguiñano has in this town, is the Iñurritza Protected Biotope, the river that flows into Zarautz and whose marshes and dunes are very interesting, despite the field of golf that there is in this place.

To be able to enjoy this natural space, and have unbeatable views of Zarautz, we recommend climbing Mount Talaimendi following the walk that continues along the eastern end of the beach and reaching the interesting viewpoint at its top.

At the other end there is also another viewpoint, from which you will have a different view of Zarautz, the Mirador de Santa Bárbara, located next to the hermitage of the same name and surrounded by vineyards from which the famous txacoli is obtained.

You can find more information about what to see in Zarautz on its official tourism page.

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