Visit the Cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris and climb its towers

On the Ile de la Cité is one of the most important monuments in Paris rivaling the Eiffel Tower in popularity, Notre Dame Cathedral, one of the oldest Gothic cathedrals in the world.

It is located in a privileged area surrounded by gardens and green areas and also by the beautiful Seine River. Due to this, it is possible to admire it from any angle, being able to obtain photographs of the cathedral from all sides, one of the few cathedrals with this privilege.

You can take this guided tour of Notre Dame with skip-the-line access.

What to see at Notre Dame Cathedral

Paris - Notre DameWithout a doubt, what stands out most about the temple is its exterior.

That is where there are two spectacular towers almost 70 meters high and located on both sides of the main facade, in the center of which there is a huge rose window.

Climbing the towers is possible by climbing its 387 steps. There is no elevator to go up, so you must go up on foot.

The hardness of the climb is compensated by the spectacular views from the top of the city of Paris, views that are shared with the gargoyles that you can almost touch.

Its bells should also be highlighted, the best known being the one in the south tower, weighing 13 tons.

Inside , the most important thing is the organ and, above all, the contrast of light that is produced thanks to the rosettes on its walls. When you go to enter you may see a long queue, but do not worry because it usually moves quickly.

It is also possible to visit the crypt, which is located under the floor of the square where the Cathedral of Notre Dame is located with some ruins discovered in 1965.

History of Notre Dame Cathedral

Paris - Notre Dame Cathedral - General viewNotre Dame Cathedral was built more than 8 centuries ago, between the 12th and 14th centuries, thanks to Bishop Maurice de Sully, and is therefore one of the oldest Gothic temples in existence.

It is dedicated to the Virgin Mary and that is why its name is Notre Dame, Our Lady in French.

Throughout its history there have been several reforms and modifications to the cathedral, the most important of them all being in the 19th century when the rose window on the south façade was included, the chapels were rebuilt, new statues were placed, new gargoyles were added and neighboring buildings are demolished.

Very important events in the history of Paris and France have been celebrated in Notre Dame Cathedral, such as the beatification of Joan of Arc or the coronation of Napoleon.

We recommend going to the nearby Mercado de las Flores, not suitable for those allergic to pollen, or to the Memorial of the Martyrs of the Deportation, a monument in remembrance of those who died in the concentration camps.

If you want more information about Notre Dame you can visit its official website.

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