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Visit Getaria. The town of Balenciaga, Elcano and Txacoli

To the west of San Sebastián, very close to the Flysch Route and Zarautz, we find one of the most beautiful fishing villages in the Basque Country. This is Getaria, famous for its txacoli and for the Monte de San Antón, the so-called Mouse of Getaria.

In addition, it is a historic city that has produced such illustrious figures as Juan Sebastián Elcano, the first to go around the world, or the designer Cristóbal Balenciaga, with the Balenciaga Museum being one of the most visited in the Basque Country.

Here we are going to tell you what to see in Getaria, a town that you should not miss.

The main places to see in Getaria

The Balenciaga Museum, the best thing to visit in Getaria

euskadi-getaria-balenciaga-museumWhether you are passionate about fashion or not, we recommend you visit the Balenciaga Museum, dedicated to the great designer who was born in Getaria in 1895 and who was ahead of his time due to his innovative style.

The museum is quite modern, it was opened in 2011, and it is housed in two separate but connected buildings, which seem nothing to do with each other.

One of them is a large modern building while the other, the Aldamar Palace, is where Balenciaga spent part of his childhood, as his mother worked in the palace as a tailor.

Hence, Cristóbal Balenciaga’s fondness for fashion that led him to be one of the most important designers in history. In the museum we can see some of his designs with explanatory videos to learn more about his collection.

The Church of the Savior

euskadi-getaria-old-townThe main street of Getaria, called Nagusia Kalea, is the first destination of your visit to this fishing village. First we will admire the Statue of Juan Sebastián Elcano that is at the entrance of the Old Town.

There you will find numerous shops, bars and restaurants and at the end of it the Church of San Salvador, a fifteenth-century Gothic church that is one of the icons of the town.

Under the church, built on a sloping ground, there is a tunnel through which the street follows and which will take you to the Port of Getaria, located next to the beach.

The Port of Getaria and the Mount of San Anton

euskadi-getaria-monte-san-antonThe Puerto de Getaria area is the best for tasting the famous grilled fish served in this town accompanied by a wonderful txacoli.

At the end of the Port is the Monte de San Antón, which is shaped like a mouse and hence its nickname.

It is a natural park with an important flora and fauna that curiously was an island until the 16th century when it joined the population in what is now the port.

From its top you can have splendid views of the town and the Basque coast.

You can find more information about what to see in Getaria on the official tourism page.

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