Visit Faunia, the Nature Park

The Madrid Zoo is the park dedicated to animals par excellence in Madrid, but in this city we also have a very special place dedicated to nature.

Faunia is both a botanical garden and a zoological park and in it we can find different animal and plant species in different thematic areas.

It is one of the favorite parks for children and a special place to enjoy nature and admire animals. Of course, you can also enjoy its shops, restaurants, exhibitions, and shows.

What to see and what to do in Faunia

Faunia Ecosystems

Madrid - FauniaFaunia is divided into the following ecosystems:

  • The Jungle. It is an almost perfect recreation of the Amazon jungle where we can find marmosets, squirrel monkeys, toucans and a large aquarium where one of Faunia’s star animals, the manatees, is found. In this area, a tropical storm is recreated everyto achieve optimal conditions and that is a great show in itself.
  • Temperate Forest. This area is made up of strawberry trees, holm oaks, pines and cork oaks that follow each other along an interesting stream where we find pheasants and cranes.
  • African forest. Deciduous trees, such as berries, poplars or oaks, serve as a refuge for some African species such as lemurs and different birds. In this area you will think you have traveled to Madagascar and you will be surprised by the lemurs that jump and run by your side. The experience here is unique because you are very close to these animals.
  • polar ecosystem. He is the most popular of the Faunia thanks to the penguins. They are in a perfectly conditioned enclosure for them. The temperature is regulated according to the season of the year and the salinity of the water is controlled. A very busy area. The enclosure is very well designed on two levels so you can see the animals both in and out of the water. The swimming of the penguins is something that surprises any visitor.
  • silent shadows. As you enter this enclosure, you can see how you are holding your breath without knowing what you are going to find. Darkness reigns in this ecosystem and it is where there are animals that make their life at night, such as the bat, the ocelot, the aardvark or the Indian python. The bad thing is that sometimes it is difficult to find the animal and that if there are many people there is too much noise despite the fact that silence is requested so as not to disturb the lives of the animals.
  • Steller’s Bay. This is one of the most interesting and successful areas of Faunia where we can find bears and sea lions. In addition to admiring these spectacular animals, you can even take a bath with them in one of the most reserved activities in the park.

Other thematic areas and activities

Madrid - Faunia - LemurIn addition to the ecosystems, there are also several thematic zones that you cannot miss.

Among them we can highlight Poison, with poisonous species such as the clown fish, the king cobra or the scorpion, the Nest, where we can see how turtles and chicks are born, the Farm, the Pelican Lake, Underground Mysteries, with pythons or iguanas, or the Crocodile Mangrove, where we can even see how they feed.

Another reason that makes Faunia a unique park is the possibility of interacting with some animals and the talks that are offered. In this way you can take a bath with the fur seals or with the enigmatic manatees.

You can find more information on the official Faunia page or on their Facebook and Twitter profiles.

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