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The Socialist Republic of Vietnam is a country in Southeast Asia, whose capital is Hanoi. It has a population of 95 million people (15th) and an area of ​​331,212 km 2 (65th). Its human development index is medium (116th) and its official currency is the Vietnamese dong. And what language is spoken in Vietnam?

What language do they speak in Vietnam?

Vietnam only has one official language, Vietnamese.

Despite the fact that French was the foreign language that dominated, it has now given way to English, which is the language that has commercial and tourist influence. Thus, English is the foreign language most studied by Vietnamese students, since it is compulsory in most schools, replacing (or together with) French.

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One of the most widely spoken immigrant languages ​​is Mandarin Chinese, with 2 million speakers.

The Vietnamese language

Vietnamese (tiếng Việt) is spoken by 84% of the population. It is written in the Latin alphabet with some modifications since the 17th century (before it was written with Chinese characters). It is a tonal language. It contains a lot of vocabulary that comes from Chinese, as well as quite a few loanwords from French.

The French language

French (français) is the legacy of the French colonial era. Today, most of its speakers are elderly people or educated students. Despite not having a large number of Francophones, Vietnam is the Asian country with the most. It is used sporadically in international relations and is taught in some schools (in 2000, only 5% of students studied French).

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