Valencia at the end of the year, a very good option

If you are looking for a special destination for this end of the year, Valencia is that destination. Valencia lives the end of the year in a special way and it is a good fault of the special atmosphere that surrounds the city, all accompanied by a wonderful climate, softened by the Mediterranean Sea.

Valencia offers a special New Year’s Eve for all tastes, so depending on where you go or where you move, you will be able to find a different atmosphere.

In this way, it is possible to enjoy several different New Year’s Eves in Valencia and none of them will be the same as the previous one. Fun for all tastes with all kinds of environments, ideal to receive the year as you like. Do not forget to look at these hotels where to spend the end of the year in Valencia.

The most traditional New Year’s Eve…

Valencia - Town Hall SquareIf what you are looking for is to spend a more traditional New Year’s Eve, how could it be otherwise, the town hall square organizes all the necessary party to welcome the chimes and welcome the new year.

This celebration in the town hall square is one of the most traditional and as you can imagine, it is completely free.

Your mere presence in the square will suffice to be able to enjoy a whole spectacle of light and sound once the chimes have sounded, as well as a spectacular pyrotechnics, which is the least that could be expected from a city like Valencia.

In the Marina of Valencia

On the other hand, in Valencia you have the possibility of receiving the new year in La Marina. In the Marina you can find a wide range of dinners and parties, where one of the most outstanding is the remember party, held in Vales e Vents, which has the presence of the most famous DJs on the national scene who marked an era in the 90’s.

Valencia was recognized as one of the most famous routes of this music in its day and numerous clubs hosted great DJs in its day.

Today, little more than the foundations remain of these clubs, but, nevertheless, there is always a time for a good party where you can remember the hours of fun that this music provided and one of those indicated moments, is this party of end of the year.

Family new years eve

Likewise, it is also possible to enjoy a more familiar atmosphere in Valencia, if what you are looking for is a quiet end of the year to enjoy with the little ones in the house.

For this, there are different alternatives such as those held by some venues such as Playtown Somnis Valencia or Enigmatium, which include dinner with a show and everything you need to be able to offer you the grapes at 12 o’clock and be able to celebrate New Year’s Eve in the best of environments.

Quiet dinner, remember or current nightclubs and all kinds of shows on the street that take place in a Valencia whose conditions allow it to live the beginning of the new year like nowhere else. Variety and alternatives available to everyone and for all tastes.

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