The Turia Garden, the best urban park to visit in Valencia

One of the best places to visit in Valencia is the Turia Garden, one of the largest urban natural parks in Spain and one of the most visited areas of Valencia thanks to the many points of interest that are in it.

The Turia Garden, according to the Visit Valencia website, with great information and services about the city, is one of the best among the things to see in Valencia. It is built along the old bed of the River Turia, which used to cross the city and was diverted after a large flood in 1957. The park was inaugurated in 1986 and along its almost 9 kilometers we find countless places to enjoy.

Here we tell you the main places you can visit in the Turia Garden in Valencia.

What to see in the Turia Garden

The City of Arts and Sciences

Valencia - OceanographicWe begin with the part closest to the old mouth of the river, very close to the port. The City of Arts and Sciences is one of the most visited places in Valencia, and one of the places you should visit if you go with children.

In the City of Arts and Sciences we can enjoy the Príncipe Felipe Science Museum, one of the best science museums in the world, the L’Hemisferic or the Oceanografic, the largest aquarium in Europe where you can find countless animals, shows and different ecosystems.

We recommend buying tickets in advance to avoid queues: oceanografic tickets.

Gulliver Park

Not far away we find the Gulliver Park, where children and also adults become Lilliputians and enjoy one of the best playgrounds in Spain.

Gulliver Park is a giant 70-meter sculpture with slides, ramps, stairs and other elements to enjoy and where children will have a great time. Of course, an essential visit if you go with children.

The giant sculpture represents Gulliver, Jonathan Swift’s character, whose silhouette can be admired much better from above, since at ground level you can hardly differentiate its shapes.

From the Palau de la Música to the Parque de Cabecera

Nearby is the Palau de la Música, opened in 1987, an auditorium dedicated not only to various concerts but also to exhibitions, shows, congresses and other activities. Another of the outstanding buildings of Valencia.

Walking along the old riverbed, we will pass through different bridges such as the Puente de Aragón, the Puente de las Flores or the Puente del Real until we reach the area of ​​the Old Town, which we will leave on the left and the Torre de Serranos, another of the symbols of the city, through which we would reach the Barrio del Cármen.

If we continue walking we arrive at the Benlliure House Museum and the Valencian Institute of Modern Art, two of the main museums in Valencia. From here we walk through a more modern area until we reach the last section.

The Cabecera Park and the Bioparc

At the end of our walk we find the Parque de Cabecera, the Turia Garden area with more trees and where you can enjoy various recreational and sports activities. You can enjoy the Bosque de la Ribera and even a small amusement park.

But the main place of interest in the Parque de Cabecera is the Bioparc, a zoological park unlike any you can find in other places where there are no cages, the ecosystems are very well recreated and visitors seem to be immersed in them.

The Bioparc is another of the places you should visit in Valencia if you go with children.

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