Route with the best things to see in Toledo in 2 days, a complete visit to the city of 3 cultures

If you are lucky enough to have two days to visit Toledo, here we are going to offer you a very complete route so that you do not miss anything in one of the most beautiful cities in Spain. A small city, but with a lot to visit, so it can be said that two days are necessary to get to know it in depth.

Toledo is called the ” City of 3 cultures ” because for centuries, this beautiful city near Madrid has been inhabited by Muslims, Jews and Christians who have left a cultural and heritage legacy in Toledo that will surprise you.

Here you have our tour with the best things to see in Toledo in two days.

What to see in Toledo in 2 days

First day in Toledo

Our first day in Toledo is based on the route that we offer you in our article on what to see in Toledo in one day.

The Gardens of La Vega and the Puerta de Bisagra

What to see in Toledo in 2 days - Puerta de BisagraTo do this, we begin our walk in the Jardines de la Vega, located very close to the railway and bus stations, so it is perfect if you have arrived in Toledo by these means of transport. You also have nearby parking.

Next to the Jardines de la Vega we have the Hospital de Tavera, a Renaissance construction from the 16th century that is worth admiring before entering the Historic Center of Toledo through the Puerta de la Bisagra.

The Puerta de Bisagra was built in 1550 and since then it has been the traditional entrance to the old part of Toledo. The Calle del Arrabal begins there, where the Church of Santiago del Arrabal is located, in the Mudejar style and where a steep slope begins that takes you first to the Mosque of Cristo de la Luz, from the year 999 and a Christian hermitage today, and the Puerta del Sol, also in Mudejar style.

The Plaza de Zocodover and the Alcazar of Toledo

Toledo - Commerce StreetWe continue climbing and arrive at one of the main squares in Toledo, the Plaza de Zocodover, an old Muslim souk and today a very lively place full of tourists thanks to its shops and terraces. Next to it is the Santa Cruz Museum, which exhibits interesting works of fine arts, decorative arts and archaeology.

We are now very close to the Alcázar of Toledo, one of the symbols of the city and a must-see. It is located at the highest point of Toledo on some rocks dominating the horizon. It has had different uses throughout history and today it houses the Army Museum, one of the best of its kind in our country. Enjoy the museum and look for the remains of the bullets that the clashes of the Spanish Civil War left on its walls.

Through the Historic Center to the Cathedral of Toledo

Toledo in two days - Alcazar - NightFrom there we can walk to Calle del Comercio, which starts from Plaza de Zocodover and which is, as its name suggests, the most commercial place in the center of Toledo, where we can not only enjoy its shops but also the architecture of its buildings that will surprise you if you get lost in its narrow streets. Do not miss the Tornerías Mosque.

We finally arrive at the other great monument of the city, the Primate Cathedral of Toledo, located in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento, and a must-see. Enjoy the spectacular doors on the outside and also the immensity of its interior and its chapels, highlighting the Mozarabic, the choir, the sacristy and of course, the Transparent, a sculptural work that will leave you speechless.

El Greco and the Jewish Quarter

Visit Toledo in two days - El Greco - Burial Count OrgazAfter visiting the Cathedral of Toledo we must go to the Plaza del Salvador, where the Church of El Salvador is located, and from there to the Church of Santo Tomé, another of the essential places to see in Toledo in two days. And it is that there is The Burial of Count Orgaz, one of El Greco’s masterpieces.

El Greco is of great importance in Toledo and that is why we should also visit the El Greco Museum, with great works by the great painter and also a must-see.

Our first day in Toledo will end with a stroll through the Jewish quarter, where the Synagogue of El Tránsito, the Synagogue of Santa María la Blanca and the Monastery of San Juan de los Reyes are located. A visit to this monastery, built by the Catholic Monarchs to commemorate the Battle of Toro, is also a must. Now you can exit through the Puerta del Cambrón and continue walking to our starting point.

What to see in Toledo on the second day

The Viewpoint of the Valley

ToledoAfter having visited the heart of Toledo the day before and having experienced the city from within, today we want to go to the outskirts and admire it as you can see on postcards. To do this you have to go to the Mirador del Valle which you can get to by car, taking a long walk or with the tourist train. It will be worth it.

From the Mirador del Valle you have a snapshot of Toledo that will stay with you forever, standing out the Cathedral and the Alcázar and guessing the rest of the churches and buildings that emerge on the roofs of the city. Without a doubt, an essential visit.

In fact, if you only have one day in Toledo and you go by car, in order not to lose much time, we recommend you go here before starting the visit. It is also highly recommended to go at night and see the illuminated monuments.

The Alcántara Bridge and the Alcázar Viewpoint

In about 30 minutes of walking, we will descend to the Puente de Alcántara, which crosses the Tagus River and is the most beautiful bridge in the city. Its origins date back to Roman times although it has been rebuilt later. After crossing it we find the Puerta de Alcántara, another of the entrances to the historic center.

Now it’s time to climb the slopes again and reach the Mirador del Alcázar, from where we can observe the Tagus River. Now that we are in the historic center again, we are going to revisit some of the places that we already knew the day before, but the objective is to walk towards other unknown places that we may have left aside but that are also worth a visit.

The Church of San Ildefonso

Toledo - San Ildefonso ChurchOne of them is the Church of San Ildefonso, located very close to the Cathedral. It is a Jesuit church in the Baroque style, with a spectacular façade and an also very interesting interior, white in color and with an immense dome.

In addition, you can climb one of its towers and have other privileged views of the city.

The Convent of Santo Domingo el Antiguo

The next destination, not far away, is the Santo Domingo el Antiguo Convent. It dates from the 6th century, making it the oldest monastery in Toledo, in the Mudejar style, and whose main attractions are the paintings that decorate the main altarpiece and two side ones, works by El Greco. They were the first works of the great painter in the city. Also this is the place where his grave is located.

The last destination of our second day in Toledo is the Puente de San Martín, another of the beautiful bridges that cross the Tagus River as it passes through the city. Next to it you can admire the Walls of Toledo.

You can find more information on the official Toledo tourism page.

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