The Pyramids of Meidum and Dashur. Tranquility in Egypt

To speak of pyramids in Egypt is to speak of the Pyramids of Gizah, but in this country 118 pyramids were built over 3,500 years, many of which have survived to this day.

Some of these pyramids are very little known but they can also be visited and they are magical places in Egypt since there are not usually many tourists.

Being so unknown, mass tourism has not yet arrived. Some of those pyramids are those of Dashur and that of Meidum, all located to the south of Cairo.

Visit the Pyramids of Dashur. enter the pyramids

Egypt - Red PyramidAbout 40 km from Cairo is Dashur where we can find several pyramids.

But two of them are the ones that focus our attention because of how well preserved they are and what they represent. These pyramids are the Red Pyramid and the Leaning Pyramid.

The Red Pyramid, so named because of the appearance it now has as it is built with blocks of reddish limestone, although it was originally covered with white limestone.

It is often said that it is the pyramid that has the greatest perfection of all those in Egypt and is the only one in which the burial chamber is above ground level.

It is possible to enter the pyramid and reach the sarcophagus but you have to do the whole journey crouching so you can end up with tremendous shoelaces, apart from the feeling of being overwhelmed inside.

Leaning Pyramid DashurThe Leaning Pyramid is so named because its faces have a double slope.

This seems to be due to the fact that when it began to be built there was a mistake in the calculation of the angle of inclination and halfway through construction it had to be corrected, ending up with the appearance it currently has.

This pyramid cannot currently be visited inside but it is worth approaching it.

In addition, from here you can see other pyramids in the area such as the Black Pyramid, which is in quite poor condition.

Visit the Pyramid of Meidum

Meidum PyramidAbout 100 km south of Cairo is Meidum.

There is another of the magical pyramids of Egypt of which only its central structure is preserved, which is located on the rubble of what was the coating.

It looks like a tower instead of a pyramid due to the collapse it suffered in ancient times, but when it was built it did look like a pyramid.

Although there are also theories that the pyramid is unfinished.

It is possible to access this pyramid and reach the burial chamber. Unlike with the Red Pyramid, here you can go standing, but the oppressive heat is similar. It is so hot that when you go back outside you feel the “coolness” of the 40º that usually exists in this area of ​​the desert.

A mastaba that is next to the Pyramid of Meidum also deserves attention and that can also be visited inside, but it must be said that there are areas through which you will have to crawl on the ground to be able to pass.

Practical information

Due to the distance from the city of Cairo, it is difficult to reach them. It is possible that a taxi driver will take you to the Dashur ones, but the Meidum one is too far. In any case, there is always the bargaining power.

If you want to visit these pyramids, almost all travel agencies include an excursion to them, although at a high price. It is also usually combined with a visit to the Oasis of El Fayoum.

With the entrance to the enclosure of the Pyramids of Dashur you have included the entrance to the Red Pyramid.

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