The New Square of Seville. Its buildings and monuments

In the heart of the Barrio del Arenal in Seville we find the Plaza Nueva, the square with the greatest atmosphere in the city and the nerve center of Seville.

In this square we find emblematic buildings such as the Seville City Hall and the main shopping streets of the city start from it, and it is also very close to the Seville Cathedral and other places of interest.

If you visit Seville you should not miss the opportunity to see the Plaza Nueva.

Brief history of the Plaza Nueva in Seville

Seville - New SquareThe Plaza Nueva in Seville dates from the 19th century, the century from which most of the buildings that surround it began to be built, although it was inaugurated under the name of Plaza de la Encarnación.

Centuries ago, the course of the Guadalquivir River passed through this square, so when it was built, remains of ships, anchors and docks were found.

The Visigoths changed the course of the river and later a Franciscan convent was built, which was destroyed in 1811 during the French occupation and later demolished in 1840.

If you visit the Plaza Nueva, we also recommend that you go around Seville City Hall to the Plaza de San Francisco to observe the rear façade of the building.

What to see in the Plaza Nueva in Seville

Seville City Council

The Seville City Hall building is the main building that overlooks this square. Although it was built in the 15th century, the current building is the result of a profound reform carried out in the 19th century and built in a neoclassical style.

Monument to San Fernando

In front of the Town Hall, in the center of the Plaza Nueva, we find the Monument to San Fernando, in a neo-Gothic style inaugurated in 1924, in which we can see King Fernando III of Castile on a horse on top of a large pedestal. At the foot of it we can see 4 sculptures that represent important characters in the history of Seville and Spain.

Telefonica building

On one of the corners, next to the Town Hall, is the Telefónica Building, built in 1928, in a neo-baroque style and with influences from different buildings that can be seen in Seville, such as the Palacio de San Telmo. It stands out for its red color and for the tower crowned with a clock, unmistakable for Sevillians.

Chapel of San Onofre

Another point of interest that we can find in the Plaza Nueva is the Chapel of San Onofre, which is the only thing that was saved from the old Franciscan Convent.

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